SPOTTED: Blue Bell I Heart Cereal Ice Cream

This features fruity cereal flavored ice cream with confetti sprinkles and coated fruity cereal pieces. Confetti sprinkles? That seems a bit extra to me since it appears there’s already colorful cereal pieces. (Spotted by @goatheadjp at Rouses Market.)

4 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Blue Bell I Heart Cereal Ice Cream”

  1. Totally agree with Marvo on the overkill, re the addition of the confetti sprinkles. Those things seem to be in every darn sweet product, these days; way ubiquitous. And, in this case, also redundant. There are already colorful cereal pieces in there, so the confetti will only get lost. IMHO, this ice cream sounds awesome – SANS the confetti nonsense.

    1. So silly about these sprinkles. 🙂 Sprinkles don’t scream cereal at all and they’re probably just going to sink to the bottom of the bag and bowl!

  2. from the “I ?? Cereal” i was expecting a variety of cereal bits – any number of marbits and cinnagrahams and puffed rice or corn pieces. this fruity pebbles seems a bit underwhelming, i suppose. it still looks tasty and while i agree the rainbow sprinkles seems redundant, i’m a huge fan of the waxy little things and i’m here for it.

  3. Please bring this ice cream back. We love the I love ice cream fruity pebbles. This was a yummy fruity ice cream that at unexpectedly delicious!!

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