BACK ON SHELVES: Orange Vanilla Cream M&M’s (2023)

Orange Vanilla Creme M M s 2023

Good news: Orange Vanilla Cream M&M’s are back. Bad news: They’re only available at Dollar General again. Click here for our review of them from 2018. (Spotted by Robbie at Dollar General.)

5 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Orange Vanilla Cream M&M’s (2023)”

    1. i drove about an hour out of my way to the only semi-local dollar general to try these and unfortunately we liked them quite a bit. lol it’s an enormous hassle to get more so i guess i’ll just have to reminisce!

      1. Love the dedication, Ruffy! You should’ve bought several bags, all at once. (But, yeah, I get it; I’d also hesitate to do so…unless/until you know you like them enough.) Sucks that these things are sold exclusively at a store that’s out-of-reach for so many of us!

        1. Gives me the idea for some sort of candy/snack sharing web-based community for items like that! I’d definitely participate! Hey Marvo, please get on that for us. 😉

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