SPOTTED: Peeps Kettle Corn Marshmallows

Peeps Kettle Corn Marshmallows

Unfortunately, these are only available at stores in the Kroger family this year. Next year, might be a different story. Or it might be the same story. That’s how life and snack exclusivity is sometimes. (Spotted by William W at Pick n Save.)

One thought to “SPOTTED: Peeps Kettle Corn Marshmallows”

  1. I normally have zero interest in Peeps (except for the awesome, Halloween, black cat ones, from about…um, 15 or so years ago?); I am not at all a person who likes sugary things…and, let’s face it, Peeps are pretty much nothing *but* sugar. Having said that, I love kettle-corn-flavored things, so would be interested in trying these. And, fortunately, there is a Kroger-owned chain in my area, in the form of Mariano’s. Hoping to find and try.

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