SPOTTED: Coca-Cola Creations Limited Edition Move

Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.

Here’s what the Coca-Cola website has to say about the flavor: “Co-created with Rosalía, one of the most daring artists in music today, Coca-Cola Move is a celebration of transformation. Taste the transformation, available now.” (Cans spotted by Geoffrey at Save Mart. Bottle spotted by @begs33.)

17 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Coca-Cola Creations Limited Edition Move”

  1. I tried a 20 oz. bottle of the Zero version, and I still don’t know what the flavor is supposed to be. Whatever it is, I’m sorry to say it was pretty bad. I almost never say that about soda. I thought I detected a trace of Starlight’s flavoring at first, but it quickly morphed into something harsh and almost pungent-tasting. I’m curious to know what other readers think of it.

  2. this is absolutely atrocious. how it passed taste testing i will never understand. ive been a big fan of the creations line but this is just awful.

    im sure whoever here reviews it for TIB will give it a 12/10

  3. Tried it today and it had a really strong coconut flavor, it’s OK but I don’t think I’ll get it again just like the other Creations flavors.

  4. Of the wierd flavors Coke has put out recently, this is probably my favorite. That said, I haven’t liked any of the others at all.
    To me, it tasted like Tiger’s blood (strawberry+coconut) and vanilla coke, the coconut was particularly strong at the end. It still has the funny after-texture that puts my teeth on edge like Coke always does.

    1. The celebrity part is the part no one cares about… I think. I’m just here for the new Coke flavors.

  5. To me, it tasted like a cross between coconut and marshmallow jellybeans. I wouldn’t be surprised if they used the same recipe from Starlight and just slightly altered it (maybe added coconut flavoring?) Overall, not that great.

  6. This Coke is…..not great.

    Of the flavored coke zeros, this is better than orange, but far worse than cherry.

    Of the new special edition coke zeros, it’s way better than Starlight (the only drink I couldn’t finish) but far below Dreamworld.

    The original Coke zero is still a 10, the best of the flavors is Dreamworld, an 8 at best.

    Move is about a 4, not worth a second buy.

    Coke should really leave the flavoring to the Freestyle machines.

  7. I’m getting a cotton candy/vanilla/ marshmallow vibe? I’m obsessed whatever it is!

  8. I love it! I had the no sugar version and couldn’t get enough. I love the coconut flavor! I am actually shocked by the other comments.

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