SPOTTED: 3/10/2023

Here are some interesting new products found on store shelves by your fellow readers. If you’ve tried any of them, share your thoughts in the comments.

Push Pop Gummy Pop-Its

(Spotted by Robbie at Walmart.)

General Mills Minis Cereal Variety Pack

(Spotted by Robbie at Sam’s Club.)

Kashi Chocolate Waffle Bites Cereal

(Spotted by Sarah R at Sprouts.)

Three Wishes Limited Edition Marshmallow Grain Free Cereal

(Spotted by Sarah R at Sprouts.)

Catalina Crunch Limited Edition Lemon Creme Sandwich Cookies

(Spotted by Sarah R at Sprouts.)

Tootsie Fruit Chews Sour

(Spotted by Deborah at Dollar Tree.)

KIND Soft Baked Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chewy Granola Clusters

(Spotted by Sarah R at Target.)

Candy House Candy Buttons Fire

(Spotted by Robbie at CVS.)

Favorite Day Strawberry Whipped Dairy Topping

(Spotted by Robbie at Target.)

Original Squishmallows Jumbo Gummies

(Spotted by Robbie at Walgreens.)

Mallowow Celebration Snacking Marshmallows

(Spotted by DJ at Dollar General.)

12 thoughts to “SPOTTED: 3/10/2023”

  1. I highly recommend the Reese’s puffs minis. They actually taste better than the original ones imo. Trix minis taste pretty similar to the original but the cinnamon toast crunch minis taste very differently than the original squares and are not as good.

    1. I have a different opinion about the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Minis. I really enjoy them. I like them better than the original, but I also am addicted to mini food, so that may be why.

      I also really liked the Trix Minis because they stick to your tongue like Dippin’ Dots, which make them more fun.

    2. I can also confirm the Reese’s Puffs Minis are better than the original. Something about the smaller size is more pleasant eating them. They actually come in a large bag. I have yet to find Trix or Cinnamon Toast Crunch in big bags though.

  2. Interesting with candy buttons. For years that it been same and/or sour. Now spicy interesting. I would love see a cotton candy flavor.

  3. Those Tootsie rolls look great. I love non-chocolate ones. The Pop-its look kind of strange. It reminds me of something, maybe a Skittles or Starburst product as far as texture? I’m not into sweetened cereal, but with the normal versions of these, it maybe the mouthfeel, and size might improve that. I am intrigued. I’d kind of like to see Froot Loops “Holes”, which, as far as I’m aware, don’t exist.

  4. I NEED to find those Original Squishmallows Jumbo Gummies, for my two little nieces. They, and I (who am still a kid at heart, in many ways), love the kitty versions of the Squishmallow toys. I actually bought my oldest niece (9 YO) the calico cat Squishmallow for her last birthday, and she LOVED it. (I have a calico, and she loves seeing pics of her, as they live across the country from me.) I’m seeing the girls and my sister, the week before Easter, in DC, and packs of those, for them, would be awesome to bring along. <3

    1. I loved reading your comment as it was and smiling and then I googled “Squishmallows” because I got to the end and then was like “Wait…what in the heck is she talking about?” OMG WANT! Haha…fellow kid at heart here. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Haven’t tried the KIND dark chocolate peanut butter granola clusters, but their non-chocolate peanut butter granola clusters are disturbingly addictive right out of the bag, nothing added. So if you also like chocolate, definitely it should be worth a try. KIND generally does a good job with dark chocolate stuff, judging from their bars. And I am not a chocoholic myself and am especially not a big fan of dark chocolate in general.

  6. Those minis that say over 10,000 pieces.

    Are they cereal pieces or puzzle pieces?

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