SPOTTED: New Blue Bunny Mini Bars and Twist Cones Flavors

Blue Bunny Chocolate Cookie Crumble Mini Bars
Blue Bunny Strawberry Shortcake Mini Bars
Blue Bunny Vanilla Caramel Crunch Mini Bars
Blue Bunny Salted Caramel Chocolate Twist Cones
Blue Bunny Mint Chocolate Twist Cones

Wow. Blue Bunny has been busy. It rolled out its new Soft line at the beginning of the year. It just introduced a product line with Stuffed Puffs. And then there are all these new frozen novelties. Blue BUNNY, indeed. (Chocolate Cookie Crumble Mini Bars and Twist Cones spotted by Dorothy at Giant Eagle. Strawberry Shortcake and Vanilla Caramel Crunch Mini Bars spotted by Robbie at Walmart.)

4 thoughts to “SPOTTED: New Blue Bunny Mini Bars and Twist Cones Flavors”

  1. I thought that Blue Bunny was one of the nicer brands, so why does it seem like almost everything from them lately is frozen dairy dessert instead of ice cream?

    1. Er, never mind, apparently everything on their website is frozen dairy dessert. I just thought that at least the cartons used to be ice cream.

      1. I know about Blue Bell, too. I guess I was thinking “more popular” instead of “nicer=fancier” for Blue Bunny.

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