SPOTTED: Lucky Charms Minis Cereal

Never mind the cereal and marshmallow sizes. I’ve never seen a printing error like what’s on this box with Lucky’s face. It’s like the rainbow was so bright that it gave Lucky sunburn. (Spotted by Sage G at Harris Teeter.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Lucky Charms Minis Cereal”

  1. Where are these people shopping for groceries? The exact same cereal (10.5 oz) is $3.50 in Maryland. That’s the regular, every day price around these parts. The price in the pic is almost $2 more per box. I understand the increased price if its in a grocery store in Hawaii or Gaum, but that’s an awful lot of coin to get your magically delicious minis in to your cereal bowl.

    1. I don’t know where this was taken but in Chicago these prices are currently pretty standard. The price for the same size box at the two grocery stores closest to me is 5.99 and 6.49. I agree it’s a lot.

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