REVIEW: Mtn Dew Summer Freeze

Mtn Dew Summer Freeze is a Dew with a blast of summer Americana, but after tasting it, it’s more like a Dew with a blast of nostalgia. Because is it just me, or does this taste like another Dew flavor? A case of deja DEW?

While Summer Freeze’s bright blue color brings antifreeze to mind, its aroma reminds me of the fruity frozen novelty represented by the red, white, and blue ice pops on the can. Its flavor has a punch of blue raspberry with a bit of cherry on the back end. There’s also a hint of citrus that represents the white lime/lemon part of the patriotic pop.

For the most part, this does taste like a melted popsicle, but I can’t shake the fact that, as someone who has done durations with the different Dews, this Summer Freeze might be a slight reformulation or renaming of a previous flavor. But, overall, it’s a fun tasting limited time addition to the Dew lineup.

What’s also fun is the can’s graphics, which are filled with red, white, and blue bro-sicles that look like they’re trying to get into as much mischief and fun as they can before they melt to oblivion. The images are also sprinkled with Dew references, like the ice cream truck’s license plate being MD1940, which refers to Mtn Dew being invented in 1940; then there’s “DTD” on the fire hydrant stands, which stands for, everyone say it with me, Do the Dew; and then the “DSA” tattooed on the stick of the upside down popsicle that looks like it’ll melt to oblivion first, which might be a nod to a previous summer Dew, DEW-S-A.


Could this be a reformulation of DEW-S-A? It was a combination of Mtn Dew Code Red (cherry), Whiteout (citrus), and Voltage (raspberry), but made during Dew’s dark days of adding artificial sweeteners with high fructose corn syrup to bring down the drink’s sugar numbers a little. Perhaps Summer Freeze is the result when the sucralose is taken out of DEW-S-A, and maybe that’s why it tastes so familiar to me. Oh, speaking of artificial sweeteners, this is also available in a Zero Sugar variety.

Purchased Price: More than one should pay on eBay
Size: 12 fl oz cans/12 pack
Purchased at: eBay
Rating: 7 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: (1 can) 160 calories, 0 grams of fat, 50 milligrams of sodium, 43 grams of carbohydrates, 43 grams of sugar (including 43 grams of added sugar), 0 grams of protein, and 55 milligrams of caffeine.

6 thoughts to “REVIEW: Mtn Dew Summer Freeze”

  1. Just picked up a case of the zero and tried it immediately. Definitely has a bomb pop flavor. I actually love the blue color. It’s fun. It’s interesting that the caffeine amount is different in the zero compared to the regular. The zero has 68 mg of caffeine .

  2. They nailed the flavor of a popsicle, but without it being in popsicle form it seemed syrupy. Like when you get to the bottom of a shave ice and decide to just drink the syrup pool straight up. I’m glad I got to try it, but also glad I didn’t get a whole 12-pack.

    Now, bring on the Baja!

  3. I tried out the Zero variant and it’s really good! It stains your tongue bright blue, though, which is not so good. Still doesn’t dethrone Major Melon Zero but it easily beats out Spark Zero

  4. What an amazing Mountain Dew product to be honest, it taste like the blue Mountain Dew but a little fruitier amazing product nice for a hot day. I don’t know if it’s the best but it’s up there 9.7 out of 10.??

  5. My new favorite flavor next to the major melon and the honey dew … but this one’s my 1 top flavor now !!! I just wish I found out about it sooner cus now it’s a rediculous price through 2nd hand sellers !!! $45 for 12 cans is crazy !!! I unfortunately bought 1 can for $15 and got hooked !!! I bought a 2 pack for $35 and that’s as far as I’ve gone… I crave it now just like I do my normal dew !!! I wish it wasn’t a “”seasonal” flavor…. Hopefully it comes back next year!! I’ve got quite a collection of rare and new mtn dew full cans stared, and it’s got everything from a full Pepsi from Woodstock 1994., to these new dew flavors :)., And with all these new dew flavors , plus the energy kick start dews , and the hard mtn dews ,, it’s quite a bit of $$ just to buy them … but – after 20 years they will be worth over 4x as much or more:). Depends on how much someone wants the collection…. 🙂 I am try to fetch every flavor of soda , every energy drinks, all the hard alchahol, and bunch of mtn dew related items from fans – lip balm , cups , limited edition die cast cars , etc :).

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