SPOTTED: Chobani Cinnamon French Toast Creamer and Chobani Flip

I’d flipping over the coffee creamer more than the Chobani Flip. (Chobani Flip spotted by Beth at Harris Teeter. Creamer spotted by Hailey R at Hy-Vee.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Chobani Cinnamon French Toast Creamer and Chobani Flip”

  1. I know everyone is tired of the complaints here about the bombs and how truly offensive they are. But serious question, does anyone buy these? I see them piled up at every store I go to. Is this fad over before it even began?

  2. I Can Confirm That The Cinnamon Frech Toast Creamer Tastes AMAZING!!!! ??(Side Note it is non-dairy but it is all natural)

  3. A swing and a miss on the Flip version…the flavor was just ‘meh’. The label states ‘fudge flakes’, which mine had NONE of, which was fine…because when I think of French toast, I don’t think of chocolate! I think of eggy/maple-y/cinnamon-y goodness. They had a real opportunity to capitalize on that flavor with the mix-ins, but they fell well short of that. It’s rare that I’m disappointed in Chobani, but I just can’t recommend anyone waste any money on picking this one up.

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