SPOTTED: 6/20/2024

Here are some interesting new products found on store shelves by your fellow readers. If you’ve tried any of them, share your thoughts in the comments.

Clear American Candied Rainbow Sparkling Water
Clear American Blueberry Pomegranate Sparkling Water

(Spotted by Ryan C at Walmart.)

Cascadian Farm Gluten Free Mini Cookies ‘N’ Creme Cereal
Cascadian Farm Gluten Free Mini Fruitfuls Cereal

(Spotted by Sarah R at Sprouts.)

Cafe Bustelo Unsweetened 40 Fl Oz

(Spotted by Robbie at Target.)

Tandy Stress Heads Gummies
Tandy Energy Bursts Gummies
Tandy Belly Bears Gummies
Tandy Focus Fish Gummies
Tandy Mellow Melons Gummies
Tandy Restful Rings Gummies

(Spotted by Lisa Dinh at Target.)

If you’re out shopping and see new products, snap a picture of them, and send them in via an email ([email protected]) with where you found them and “Spotted” in the subject line. Also, if you want to send in photos and are wondering if we’ve already covered something or if they’re new, don’t worry about it. Let us worry about it.

4 thoughts to “SPOTTED: 6/20/2024”

  1. I’m pretty sure none of those gummies actually do what they say they do. Maybe they taste good, but claims beyond that seem specious.

  2. Is the candied one skittles.

    I bought one of them today.

    It tastes more like skittles than the skittles drink does.

    The skittles drink smells like alcohol and tastes like windex.

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