SPOTTED: Heinz Limited Edition Harissa Flavored Aioli

Heinz Limited Edition Harissa Flavored Aioli.

Can someone give me suggestions about what I should put this Target-exclusive on. If not, I’m just going to treat it like ketchup and put it on fries, burgers, and eggs. There’s also a Walmart-exclusive — Black Garlic Ranch. (Spotted by Robbie at Target.)

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5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Heinz Limited Edition Harissa Flavored Aioli”

  1. After doing the research it’s recommended for side foods like fries and rice. As for the Black Garlic Ranch; I’d put that on a burger like Bob’s Burgers.

  2. I really really really Want the GV Sour Pucker Punch sherbet back. Do u know how we can make that happen. I have been craving it since they took it away. My entire family has. Please

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