SPOTTED: Digiorno Deadpool & Wolverine Pizzas

Digiorno Deadpool & Wolverine Gimme Chimi Pizza.

Digiorno Deadpool & Wolverine Maximum Pep Pizza.

Gimme Chimi is a chimichanga-inspired pizza, while Maximum Pep is a pepperoni pizza-inspired pizza. There are two other varieties: The Wade Special (pineapple and black olives) and Spicy Wolvie Pie (pepperoni, chorizo, and bacon). (Spotted by Corey J at Walmart.)

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2 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Digiorno Deadpool & Wolverine Pizzas”

  1. Give me that chorizo! LOL I always did want chorizo on a pizza. It would be really good though with eggs and gravy like a breakfast pizza!

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