SPOTTED: IHOP Syrups (Original and Butter Pecan)

IHOP Syrups (Original and Butter Pecan).

Where’s the IHOP pancake/waffle mix? (Spotted by Amanda Y at Walmart.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED: IHOP Syrups (Original and Butter Pecan)”

  1. I can’t wait for these to be at my stores. We used to buy their syrup all the time and they just stopped selling it.

  2. oh my god YES! my sister and I sat at the table tasting the syrups while waiting for our food because we’re trash and the butter pecan one was so good I almost cried.

    1. That makes you smart, not trash. What if you had actually hated the BP syrup, but you poured it all over your pancakes first because you hadn’t tasted it yet? It was a good idea.

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