SPOTTED: ICEE Froot Loops at Target

ICEE Froot Loops at Target.

Follow your nose! But don’t put it under the ICEE spigot! (Spotted by Robbie at Target.)

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6 thoughts to “SPOTTED: ICEE Froot Loops at Target”

      1. From “Encino Man” (1992).

        Pauly Shore’s character (Stoney Brown) is showing Brendan Fraser’s character (“Link”, a frozen Neanderthal being unearthed in Encino, CA in 1992) around a convenience store, presumably a 7-11. Stoney is going over the “four major food groups” as they apply to a convenience store and eventually they get to the ICEE machine where Stoney shows Link how to “we-eeze” the juice [steal] from the ICEE machine by sticking one’s mouth under the dispenser and turning the handle. Raji, the convenience store manager notices this and admonishes them with the above phrase.

        Had to have been there, I guess.

        1. I haven’t seen that movie in forever. I’ll have to give it a rewatch. Appreciate the explanation. 😀

      2. Jane, you’re demonstrating a Joey Tribbianiesque understanding of how to use “quotation marks”.

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