VIDEO REVIEW: Apple Pie McFlurry

What happens when you combine a McDonald’s Apple Pie with their soft serve? Find out in this video review.

Length – 2 min. 36 sec.

Image via flickr user [email protected] / CC BY SA 2.0

14 thoughts to “VIDEO REVIEW: Apple Pie McFlurry”

  1. I’d honestly have to say this is my most enjoyed review on TIB to date well done

    p.s. me being a mcd’s soft serve fiend has nothing to do with my enjoying this video

  2. Next time when you post videos add subtitles (I know it might be pain in the ass) but I’m hearing impaired so please kindly add subtitles for me to understand

    1. Added subtitles to this video to find out how much of a pain in the ass it is to add them. Turns out it’s not a pain in the ass. It’s quite easy. Therefore, all future videos will be subtitled!

  3. Is it weird that I hate Mcdonald’s apple pies? And is it weird that when I give the Ronald Mcdonald statue lap dances guys gather round and take pictures?

  4. Great review! Haven’t seen a video review from you in a while.

    And the Apple Pie McFlurry looks delicious. This from someone who hates ice cream…

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