COMING SOON: Limited Edition Brownie Batter Oreo Cookies

Nabisco Limited Edition Brownie Batter Oreo Cookies

Update: We reviewed it! Click here to read our review.

For those of you who aren’t keeping track at home, the list of new Oreo flavors introduced this year includes Red Velvet, Cotton Candy, Chocolate Lemon Twist, and S’mores.

However, Limited Edition Brownie Batter Oreo might soon be added to the list.

We do not have any information about when exactly these new cookies will hit shelves, but several photos of the flavor have popped up on social media and they were shown at last month’s Sweet & Snacks Expo in Chicago.

20 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Limited Edition Brownie Batter Oreo Cookies”

  1. These will either be absolutely amazing or just take like chocolate creme in a chocolate oreo wafer. If done right, I’ll buy these by the case lol

  2. Oreo needs to come out with packs of like 10 cookies with like 3-4 flavors per package. I’d never be able to consume 4 whole packages of cookies quick enough without going into a sugar coma.

  3. I really like the pumpkin and red velvet Oreos. They make an excellent crust for cheesecakes of the same flavor. I wish the pumpkin flavor was available for a longer time though.

    1. Maybe try stocking up this fall and freezing them? Not sure if the cookie part would become crumbly once you defrost but if you’re using them for pie crusts, probably wouldn’t matter.

  4. wow more oreos that i will never see at any safeway or luckys in the bay area, continually punushed cause i dont ship at target or wal mart. i got key lime once and lemon twist, never got lucky enough to find the cotton candy tho.

    i’m over it lets move on please

  5. Can we get a Vegas Odds style chart for new Oreo flavored? I’d lay money down on Salted Caramel, Churro or glazed donut flavors coming out in the next 12 months.

    I will also be shoveling brownie batter Oreos in my mouth like they’re the antidote to what ails me.

  6. I tried one at the Sweets & Snacks Expo. They are very rich and chocolaty, more so than the chocolate cream Oreos. An impulsive buy, indeed.

  7. I agree cinnamon roll should be next. How about chocolate chip oreos? Half and half oreos? Like half vanilla and half chocolate crème . Coconut crème oreos? Or even a cookies and crème filling with crushed oreos in it? Pina colada oreos (pineapple flavored oreos with coconut crème), or why not they start to sell the crème itself without the cookies itself.

    1. I am surprised Oreo hasn’t released jars of the cream!

      I would so buy that.

  8. Sounds like it’ll be like the chocolate oreo but more rich and bitter, especially with the already somewhat bitter cookie. They need to start changing the cookies up a bit more.

  9. They need to make a regular package of Oreos which has 3 rows split each row in half and mix 6 different Oreos I’d buy them all and a lot of milk too

  10. They need to come up with strawberry on the Golden Oreos and and they need to come up with the banana flavor on the Golden Oreos that would be awesome just don’t overpower the strawberry cream or the banana cream like they did on the lemon Golden Oreos

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