COMING SOON: Ben & Jerry’s Texas’ Top Pick Bourbon Pecan Pie Ice Cream

Ben  Jerry s Texas Top Pick Bourbon Pecan Pie Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s has flavors that are store exclusives. The Walmart-only Strawberry Not So Shortcake and Target-exclusive Blondie Ambition are recent ones that come to mind.

But now Ben & Jerry’s has a state-exclusive flavor. Their new Bourbon Pecan Pie Ice Cream is only available in Texas. The flavor features buttery bourbon ice cream with pecans, shortbread cookie pieces, and a whiskey caramel swirl.

The flavor is available in pints at retailers in Texas and at Scoop Shops located in Plano, San Antonio, Galveston, McAllen, Webster, DFW Airport, Highland Village, Houston, and Sugar Land.

Wait a minute…Texas has a town called Sugar Land? Sweet!

(Image via Ben & Jerry’s)

11 thoughts to “COMING SOON: Ben & Jerry’s Texas’ Top Pick Bourbon Pecan Pie Ice Cream”

    1. My thoughts exactly. This is the first truly original flavor they’ve introduced in a while, and no chance I will get to try it being in the Northeast. 🙁

  1. Is this damn company capable of putting out a new flavor that doesn’t involve cookies, pie crust, or cake pieces? You’re killing my celiac soul over here!

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