Rare Saturday Post!!!

As you can see we’ve made a few minor changes around here at the Impulsive Buy. We’ve changed the main color of the site from blue to orange, because of the upcoming Halloween holiday.

What? You don’t see the orange?

Well clear your browser’s cache and everything should be all right.

We’ve also added a link on the right that shows ALL of our previous reviews. The cool thing about it is that you can sort it according to date, category, or title. Have fun with it and take a look at our past reviews and see why we will never be the next Consumer Reports.

Today, we also pulled the winners of the first ever Impulsive Buy prize drawing. There were only nine eligible entries, because some people can’t follow simple instructions.

The six winners have been emailed. So if you haven’t received an email from us, you’re a LOSER!!!

LOSER…Until possibly the next prize drawing.

Have a nice weekend.

6 thoughts to “Rare Saturday Post!!!”

  1. Will we be returning to blue later? or maybe red and green for christmas? Just curious.

    Also, do you realize that the sidebar is way down at the bottom of the screen because the dimensions are off? At least it is that way on my screen. Maybe I’m just dumb or something.

  2. Megan – Yeah, we’re probably going to do either red, green, or both. We were thinking about doing white, but then realized it might be hard to read on the white background.

    J. – Thanks, mate.

  3. I like the red and green idea. The browser I use is the one that came with my internet service (T-Online, German service)

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