Wet Ones Kids Antibacterial Wipes

Wet Ones Kids

It’s not often that we get asked to review something, but regular Impulsive Buy reader Sam asked if we could review a medicated hand wash that can be used at Sam’s fly training stable.

Yeah, you read right. Fly training stable.

Well we just happened to have picked up a product at the superstore behemoth that could come in really handy for Sam, Wet Ones Kids Antibacterial Wipes.

To be honest, we actually picked up this product so that the Impulsive Buy could bring in readers from the apparently HUGE mom blog demographic.

The Wet Ones Kids are like the medicated wipes you get when you eat at KFC, except without the medicated smell.

The 24 individually wrapped wipes came in two fun scents: wild watermelon and ballistic berry. Both scents reminded us of watermelon and grape Bubblicious bubble gum. As a matter of fact, they smelled so good that after wiping my hands with them, I soon realized that this is the first product ever that made me consider self-cannibalism. Or at least made me want to chew myself.

These antibacterial wipes are a convenient way for people to clean their hands and faces whenever soap and water are not around and they’re a great way to clean the toilet seats in public restrooms, because there are going to be times when sanitary toilet seat covers and three layers of toilet paper just isn’t enough.

One of the great things about this product was that the scent lasts for hours. I liked the smell so much that I found myself occasionally smelling my hands, which eventually led me to cupping my hands over my mouth and nose, smelling them until the scent faded. When it did fade, I opened another Wet Ones. Then another. Then another. Then another. Then another. Then another. Then another.

After an intervention with the others at the Impulsive Buy, the Wet Ones Kids were taken away from me.

Besides them being taken away from me, another thing I didn’t like about the Wet Ones Kids was the sticky feeling I got when I used one. Eventually it goes away once it dries, but when it’s sticky you don’t feel like touching anything.

Out of the 24 individually wrapped wipes, there’s only 8 left after my so-called “episode.”

So it looks like the Impulsive Buy will have another prize drawing coming up.

Unless I get my hands on them first.

Item: Wet Ones Kids Antibacterial Wipes
Purchase Price: $3.99
Rating: 4 out of 5
Pros: Smells good enough to eat or chew. Makes a great prize for a future drawing. Great for all those blogging moms.
Cons: Smells good enough to eat or chew. Leaves a temporary sticky feeling.

20 thoughts to “Wet Ones Kids Antibacterial Wipes”

  1. lmfao… Now I can handle all the flys I want AND stay hygeinic and yummy smelling, thanks Impulsive Buy team *cheesy grin*.

    p.s. Its ballistic berry all the way for me, now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got some fly-stock that ‘aint gonna wrangle themselves…

  2. Sam, I just hope you aren’t abusing them, because I think every country has laws against that.

  3. My wife is the one who really should be leaving the comment as she is the science person, but according to her, all this anti-bacterial stuff may not be a good thing… Our bodies need a certain amount of exposure to bacteria to keep our immune systems on its toes. (Like I say, I’m not the scientist!)

  4. I’m not a mom, but if I was, I’d be concerned about something medicated, for external use only, that smells like something to eat. That just sounds like a stomach pump waiting to happen.

  5. Haha — those look cool! Wet Ones are also great on road trips when you eat in the car and dont want your fingers all cheeto-ey

  6. Genuine – When blogging dads give birth and have a HUGE blog community, then give us a call. 🙂

    Megan – Cheetos-fingers are the best part of eating Cheetos.

    Angie – Yes! My plan worked! Muahaha!

    Anne – Maybe I did it on purpose. 🙂

  7. you forgot my blog, i even have you blogmarked.
    very interesting concept although the smell while good is disturbing because they are clearly not good to eat.

  8. cassandra – I added you. Are you happy now?
    BTW, thanks for blogmarking me.

    See everyone, look how powerful the mom blog demographic is.

  9. Jenny – We were thinking about reviewing diapers, but we would have to steal borrow someone’s kid.

    Linda – If you do eat one, please contact your local Poison Control Center and don’t sue us.

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