Suave Aroma Benefits Citrus & Ginseng Moisturizing Body Wash

Citrus & Ginseng Body Wash

We at the Impulsive Buy recently noticed that a majority of the reviews have been about food and beverages.

Okay. To tell you the truth, WE actually didn’t notice this.

We read it in a nice review about the Impulsive Buy at the Weblog Review. In the same review, we also learnt that our grammar isn’t the bestest, but who’s is.

So for the next few reviews, we’ve decided to take a break from food and beverages. Unfortunately, the next seven reviews we had planned to do were ALL food and beverage reviews like, The Incredibles cereal, Campbell’s Chunky Chili, and Mountain Dew Livewire.

Since we pushed those reviews back, we were forced to scramble to find items to review. However, this gave us a good reason to visit the new megastore behemoth that just opened up and face the large crowds that came with that behemoth.

That visit, though, gave us some good things at “Everyday Low Prices” to review.

However, today’s review was something I found in my shower. Today I’m going to take a look at Suave Aroma Benefits Citrus & Ginseng Moisturizing Body Wash.

Now you may be thinking that this body wash sounds kind of girly and it may not be something I would’ve used after what happened with the Mixed Berry 7-Up Plus the other day. However, the women say they like the way I smell when using these body washes. So I’m going to give the women what they want, except from what I’ve learned, a willingness to open up emotionally and foreplay.

We all know what citrus is, but what exactly is ginseng?

I decided to look it up in the most used reference around. That’s right folks, Google.

Ginseng is a dried root that is believed to improve energy and vitality. There are studies that show it can also help with normalizing glucose levels, stimulate immune functions, and treat male impotence. Not only can you ingest it in pill form, it is also found in consumer products like energy drinks.

Since this product is a body wash, I don’t know how I’m supposed to reap the benefits of the ginseng without ingesting it. I would try to taste the body wash, but that would definitely bring back the bad memories I had with my fifth grade teacher and my use of certain four-letter words in class.

So is the ginseng absorbed through my pores? Or maybe the “Aroma Benefits” part of the name has something to do with it? But how can it do any good when I really don’t like the aroma of it?

At least, I can keep clean.

The bottom line: Ginseng is good for energy drinks and erections, but not so good for moisturizing body washes.

Item: Suave Aroma Benefits Citrus & Ginseng Moisturizing Body Wash
Purchase Price: $1.99 (on sale)
Rating: 2 out of 5
Pros: Gets me clean. Ginseng. Cheap.
Cons: I don’t feel like I got any benefits from the aroma. Weird aroma.

6 thoughts to “Suave Aroma Benefits Citrus & Ginseng Moisturizing Body Wash”

  1. The biggest problem I have with body wash is that I feel like it washes away before Im finished getting clean. I can actually feel bars of soap tearing at my skin, but body wash.. not so much. Though certain authorities in the area have provided me with a mint flavored…er, scented, thats right, scented.. body wash.

  2. I agree with Ian. I think body wash smells good but it slips right off before washing anything. And those stupid puffy things that you are supposed to use to spread the body wash around are scratchy and only serve to make suds. Ginseng? In body wash? You may as well put beer in it.

  3. Hmmm… sounds like a knock-off of the Energizing Citris stuff I put in the shower to get my hubby to smell nice. lol. And as a girly-girl I just have to take a stand and say that I like my puffy thing, and it isnt scratchy. Plus, guys, the scratchiness exfoliates lol. As much as I enjoy the food and drink reviews, I’m anxious to see what is in store.

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