Melon Creamy Soda

Melon Creamy Soda

I was going to do this review in Japanese with an English translation, but I realized I earned four C’s and a D in the five semesters of Japanese I took in college and all I remember is how to count to ten.

Ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku…DAMMIT!!! SON OF A BI…I can’t even count to ten!

The reason why I wanted to do the review in Japanese was because today’s review has an international flair to it.

Impulsive Buy reader, Alex, complained the other day about the fact she couldn’t buy Jell-O Oreo Instant Pudding in Japan.

I thought about sending her a box, but decided that doing a review on a product she can get in Japan would be about 50 cents cheaper for the Impulsive Buy. (Yes, I know I’m a cheap-ass bastard, but maybe I’ll make it a prize in the next prize drawing.)

Anyway, being halfway between Japan and the continental United States, we get a lot of Japanese food items, Japanese tourists, and Japanese porn.

The convenience store down the street has a few products that Alex can probably find in Japan. One was Asahi, which in Japanese means, the Budweiser of Japan. I also came across Melon Creamy Soda, which in Japanese means, (prepare for the worst language translation joke ever) Melon Creamy Soda.

I was kind of skeptical of trying Melon Creamy Soda because I had tried a melon soda from Fanta, which scared me. Of course Fanta has made other things that have scared me, like their television commercials.

Wanta Fanta. Don’cha wanta. Wanta Fanta. Don’cha wanta.



Melon Creamy Soda is not bad, but I couldn’t really taste the melon part. It actually tastes more like a regular cream soda.

If it was cheaper I would buy more of it, but at $1.99 for a 16.5-ounce bottle, I’ll only buy it if it can cure the common cold and help me get rid of this DAMN Fanta song stuck in my head.

Wanta Fanta. Don’cha wanta. Wanta Fanta. Don’cha wanta.

Don’t forget to enter this month’s prize drawing. See yesterday’s review for details.

Item: Melon Creamy Soda
Purchase Price: $1.99
Rating: 3 out of 5
Pros: Cream soda flavor. Good.
Cons: What melon flavor? Expensive, but I guess if it’s imported from Japan, it should be. Damn Fanta song!

13 thoughts to “Melon Creamy Soda”

  1. Just when I thought the Fanta commercials couldn’t get worse, they pop up in the movie theater– the movie theater that doesnt even sell Fanta soda, the very same movie theater that no charges $10.25 a ticket. I hate fanta. I hate Lowes.

  2. Busy Mom – Are your kids REALLY giving you that much trouble?

    Ian – $10.25 a ticket? So that’s how the Affleck movie “Surviving Christmas” made any money.

    Aymie – They’re like the Spice Girls, except a little less sluttier.

    taikog – You’re just making stuff up, you lush.

    webmiztris – DAMN YOU FANTA!!! DAMN YOU!!!

  3. I was so impressed with the oral-b brush up, that i’ve just got to enter your new contest! Mainly because I only get bills and advertisments in the mail, and it was really cool to get something from Hawaii.

    I’m going to link you on my blog as one of my favs!

  4. Suzanne – Read the rules carefully. To enter you MUST either leave a comment for the MD LiveWire review or email me with the words “Wet Ones” in the subject line.

  5. Can’t say anything about the soda but I’d like to personally thank you for getting the damn song stuck in my head as well. I think you’re inadvertantly doing Fanta’s PR.

  6. Leah – You’re welcome. To help you get the Fanta song out of your head, here’s another song you can use to replace it:

    Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea. Yay, Pepto-Bismol.

  7. Alex – We were going to review the Asahi, but we would’ve been too drunk to finish the review. Also, I think it’s kyu, then ju.

  8. just the thought of this stuff makes me want to throw up. I hate both cream soda and anything melon flavor. But I sorta like the Fanta song. Although Nehi kicks Fanta butt. But there is no cool Nehi song.

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