REVIEW: Apple iPod Socks


You would think if they called something a sock, you’d be able to wear it on your feet, but this was not the case with Apple iPod Socks, unless you’re a baby or a midget.

I wanted to put one on a baby’s foot, but I couldn’t get my hands on a baby.

Let me tell you, it’s hard to find at the last minute a baby to use as a test subject. Even with $50,000 through the Black Market, our sources said it would’ve taken at least a couple of days.

The iPod Socks come in a six-pack, with each box containing a gray, pink, blue, green, purple, and orange two-toned sock. They are supposed to be used as cases for the popular iPod.

Being a manly man, I will not be caught using the pink iPod Sock. I don’t care if pink is the new black. I had a horrible experience with wearing the color pink.

The last time I wore pink was to a junior prom. My date wore a pink and white dress and wanted to match, so she suggested made me wear a white tuxedo with a pink tie and cummerbund. I can’t believe I did that just so I could go to the junior prom as a sophomore.

When we went to the prom, it turned out that I was the ONLY guy in a white tuxedo. The only way I could’ve stood out more was if I wore a pink and white top hat with a neon sign that said, “Look at me! I’M LAME.”

The iPod Sock fits nicely over my third generation iPod, which will keep it nice and warm during these cold winter months. However, when I’m using an iPod Sock I don’t have access to the controls, which is a problem when I desperately don’t want to listen to my ex-girlfriend’s Backstreet Boys and New Age music that I’m too lazy to remove from my iTunes library.

Despite making wonderful iPod warmers, the iPod Socks are one-dimensional. I can’t use them as actual socks on my feet, but I did try them on other body parts to see if they would fit and be able to keep those body parts warm.



Fingers…Four of them.


Um…Heh, heh…Need a MUCH bigger sock for that.

Okay, not really.

Item: Apple iPod Socks
Purchase Price: $29.00
Rating: 6 out of 10
Pros: Six colorful socks. Fits any iPod. Keeps iPod warm.
Cons: Very pricey. Can’t use on my feet. No access to iPod controls.

27 thoughts to “REVIEW: Apple iPod Socks”

  1. this product still confuses me. is it simply something to hold your iPod–and that’s it? sort of like putting your Nintendo DS in a Crown Royal bag just so it won’t get scuffed?

  2. sheesh . . .it’s worse than the marketing they do for kids’ movies. Maybe McD’s will have little fake ipods in their happy meals soon. Wind ’em up and they toddle across the table.

  3. It’s like a tea cozy. For your ipod. I thought it was a joke the first time I saw this. Funny. I was just watching the old ibrator commercials. Wish they were still making those I’d love to see what they’d do with ‘the sock’.

  4. Firstly, I dont own an iPod. I would never buy that over priced MP3 player. Those socks are a waste of money….at least they coulda made them with a strap or something so it could be used as a carrying case.

  5. What we need is underwear for our mp3 players – then you can go with the whole “I’d never let my Ipod be caught in tighty-whiteys.”

  6. I wish I had an ipod to buy accesories for. I tryed the whole “free ipod” thing in fact I stilll have the link on my blog. Since am too cheap and poor being a college student and all to buy an ipod. Besides I know that I would love it and use it for a while and then forget about it. But that still doesn’t stop me from really, really wanting one!

  7. Rye – Yup, that’s basically it.

    Ian – Too bad I don’t have a Target here.

    Kate – I’d buy that. Heck, I bought iPod Socks.

    Noelle – What’s an ibrator? Aren’t you missing a “v”?

    Meredith – Come on, pretty colors. Pretty colors.

    Aymie – Yes, they definitely could use a strap or something.

    Dawn (webmiztris) – Don’t forget the gloves.

    Norman – Definitely NO tighty-whiteys.

    Daneris – Two words: Education discount.

    Aymie’s mom – I bought two boxes of them, so does that make me double dumb?

    Suzanne – Putting a cold iPod on my face when drunk feels sooo good.

    lightpinksheep – I think they make wonderful and colorful beer warmers.

  8. Marvo! I didn’t call you dumb, sweetheart…I called the SOCKS dumb!!! But….why on earth did you buy two boxes of them? Wait a second…I don’t wanna know 😛

  9. Agreed. My wife bought a pack of these worthless things and I’m making her return them.

    If she had got the iPod camisole then I might’ve been intrigued.

    3 out of 5 is generous.

  10. Why not buy baby socks? That would be much cheaper. But oh, there’s the problem of the heel.

    Here in Manila, we also have socks for cell phones. Pretty similar!

  11. Aymie’s Mom – You sure you don’t wanna know.

    UncleHornHead – Is the iPod camisole see-through? Wait, let me imagine that. Yes.

    toni – Yes, there you go. Not only can you use the iPod Socks for an iPod, you can also use them for cell phones. Woo hoo, another use for them!

    Will Wesley – Yes, always…Ahem…Hard hitting.

  12. They are cute, but l wouldn’t buy them. Like come on, you can just grab your own sock and use it for the same thing. And if you’re really desperate to keep your little ipod baby warm, shove it in your mitt or something.

  13. Noelle – OMG!

    Eb – You could probably start your own iPod sock company.

    Protagonist – Go for it, I dare you. No, I double dare you.

    Mya T – If only I owned mitts.

    craiggiarc – Chigga poo. Chigga poo. Have you heard anyone say that before?

    Megan – Have you been naughty or nice?

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