REVIEW: Butterfinger Hot Cocoa Mix

Butterfinger Hot Cocoa Mix

I don’t get addicted to powdery substances that are sold by the gram in small packets very often, but when I do, let me tell you, it’s hard to kick the addiction.

This was the case with the new Butterfinger Hot Cocoa Mix. It tastes like Butterfinger, except without the melted chocolate on my fingers, the crispy peanut butter crumbs around my mouth, and the annoying folks who see me eating a Butterfinger and try to be funny by saying, “Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger” like Bart Simpson.

It’s damn good stuff and it’s perfect for keeping me warm during these cold winter nights that get down to the high 60’s here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. (Hey, it’s fricken’ cold to me!)

Every time I take a hit of the Butterfinger Hot Cocoa Mix, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s much better than the cold, dark, and bitter feeling I usually have.

It took about two days to blow off that first box of eight hits. They were so good and they made me feel so warm that I wanted more. Fortunately, when I bought the first box, I bought it for $2.00. But when I went to buy more at the “store” I shop at, the price jumped to $3.69.

I KNEW that was going to happen. That’s just how the “game” is played. First, they sell it to me cheap and when I get hooked on it, they jack up the price.

You know what, I can quit whenever I want, man.

I don’t NEED the Butterfinger Hot Cocoa Mix.

I can get addicted to something else. Something that’s FREE.

Maybe exercise.

Or television.

Or window shopping.

Or Dr. Phil.

Okay wait, definitely NOT Dr. Phil.

Oh man it’s cold. I could definitely use some Butterfinger Hot Cocoa Mix right now.

Item: Butterfinger Cocoa Mix
Purchase Price: $2.00 (on sale)
Rating: 8 out of 10
Pros: Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Tastes like Butterfinger. Great with hot milk or with hot water.
Cons: Addictive.

18 thoughts to “REVIEW: Butterfinger Hot Cocoa Mix”

  1. You know I had my hand on a box this Butterfinger Cocoa but changed my mind. I love Butterfingers, but figured this would be a poor imitation. Just what I need. Another addiction!

  2. Sounds yummy. However, I am already addicted to coffee, of the black and cappucino varieties. In this instance, I might just opt for the candy bar, and enjoy it with my coffee.

    Besides, what’s better than licking the last bit of chocolate from your fingers?

  3. It is times like these that I miss living in the United States. I love Butterfingers and I don’t think I can get them here in France, let alone, a powdery substance that creates a warm drink that tastes like them.

  4. Sounds wonderful….I am currently looking for an addictive substitute for atomic fire balls (the candy)…maybe this will do “it” for me??? Aymie…move to NC and I’ll show you WARM 😛

  5. I love Butter fingers but not the way they get stuck in your teeth! I haven’t seen this yet in my stores, as we are a little slow to warm up to new trends….but I’ll most definately try it if I can ever find it. Warm and fuzzy is good.

  6. Sarcasmom – Another addiction? How many do you have?

    April – What’s better? Licking the last bit of chocolate from…Oh, nevermind.

    Anna – Enjoy in two weeks.

    Aymie – Sometimes it gets into the low 60s.

    Brad – Over 100 packets? Cocoa whore. 🙂

    Jason Stone – I guess you won’t lay a finger on anyone’s Butterfinger.

    Aymie’s Mom – Heh, heh…Balls.

    lightpinksheep – It’s about the same sweetness as other hot chocolate.

    Suzanne – Yeah, I hate when they get stuck in my teeth and I have Butterfinger breath for a couple of hours.

  7. I’m curious when companies are going to come out with a genuinely knew product– I mean, how many products can you turn butterfingers into? Coming soon, Butterfinger flavored playstion games? Butterfinger flavored Soda? Butterfinger flavored magic markers?

  8. Marvo…are there 99-Cent-Only stores way out there in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? If so, get thee hence immediately — today I found these very boxes of Butterfinger Hot Cocoa at my 99-cent store in Sunny California. Whoo-hoo! I snapped up two boxes, and given your description of them, I suspect I’ll be back for more.

  9. Ya know, I heard that if a guy eats 3 Butterfingers, ummm….something of….his….doesn’t taste as bad…*blushes and runs*

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