REVIEW: V-Tech 5821 Phone With 5.8 Ghz Technology


Oh if only my 900 Mhz cordless phone could talk, imagine the stories it could tell.

All the telemarketers trying to sign me up for credit cards, companies asking me to take a survey that they say ONLY takes 15 minutes (but takes 45 minutes), arguments with my parents about getting a job, 1-900 numbers I found on various restroom walls, and the wrong numbers I got from the girls I’ve met at bars, nightclubs, and bookstores.

Unfortunately, that phone died the other week, after five long years. I think it was it’s time to go, but I also think it was probably tired of hearing me utter the words, “What are you wearing, baby doll?”

So I needed a new phone, but I didn’t want something fancy (i.e. expensive). I just needed a cordless phone that can handle the rigors of excessive $3.50-for-the-first-minute-and-$1.50-for-each-additional-minute phone calls.

To find that phone I went to everyone’s favorite small-business-destroying everyday-low-prices behemoth (shudder) and came out with the V-Tech 5821 Phone With 5.8 Ghz Technology, which has to be the most unappealing name for a product ever.

Okay, not as unappealing as Anna Nicole Smith’s Fat Drunken Trailer Trash Whore Kit (Now With 25% More Skank).

So what’s so special about a 5.8 Ghz phone? I could go into detail using whatever words “smart science people” use, but I’d be boring you with big words like “spectrum,” “frequency,” and “wavelength.”

Instead, I’m just going to say that the “smart science people” state that 5.8 Ghz phone technology will increase sound quality, enhanced range, and heightened security.

One of the best things about the V-Tech phone is the speakerphone on the handset. It comes in pretty handy when you REALLY don’t want to listen to someone talk.

Just place the handset on the table and let them ramble about how their boyfriend/girlfriend sucks, how crazy the shopping malls are, how they’re addicted to every CSI show, and how Scott Peterson should be put in the electric chair, while being given a lethal injection in a gas chamber with flesh-eating beetles.

While they jibber jabber, do whatever you want (eat, watch television, read blogs, or play with your Anna Nicole Smith’s Fat Drunken Trailer Trash Whore Kit), but just remember to say every so often any of the following phrases. “Yes.” “Uh huh.” “Okay.” “That’s funny.” “Say what?” “No way.” “That bitch.” “What are you wearing, baby doll?”

Despite other great things about the phone, like the LCD screen and the buttons that light up, there were a few things that bothered me about it. For starters, the battery gets really warm while charging. Also, the sound quality isn’t that great because those who I talked to say I sound like I’m in a hallway.

Plus, there’s no speed dial. Instead there’s a phone book feature that allows you to scroll through the various numbers saved on the phone. This has been proven to be a pain when quickly scrolling through the phone book and accidentally dialing 1-900-BIG-BLND, when I really wanted 1-900-BIG-BRUN.

There’s a big difference, you know.

Item: V-Tech 5821 Phone With 5.8 Ghz Technology
Purchase Price: $53.72 (Everyday Low Price)
Rating: 6 out of 10
Pros: Speakerphone on handset. LCD screen. Buttons that light up.
Cons: Battery gets warm when charging. When talking, it sounds like I’m in a hallway. No speed dial.

14 thoughts to “REVIEW: V-Tech 5821 Phone With 5.8 Ghz Technology”

  1. Blue zipper sweater, zipper halfway down, black jeans…..OH….sorry….I don’t need a cordless, but you can call me on yours…my # is 1-900-yeah right!

  2. Anne – Hmm…An “I’m With Stupid” t-shirt, polka-dot boxers, a silk robe with my initials embroidered on the back, and fuzzy rabbit slippers. You like that, yeah?

    Jenny – If you just need a basic cordless phone, I would recommend it. If you do get it, you can name it whatever you want. I named mine Phorrell.

    Aymie’s Mom – I tried that number, but I couldn’t get through.

    Jason – It’s cheap and it won’t mess with your wireless network, if you have one.

    Dawn – Oh, I don’t have that one,but I’ve got HOT-MDGT and BAD-MDGT.

  3. I actually have a V-Tech cordless phone… actually its my fiance’s. Its lime green, needless to say when moving in together, that phone became the bedroom phone. We got another V-Tech cordless/answering machine for the living room. I like it, it still works, and I can call people… that works for me.

  4. Dave Diamond – Don’t need people bothering you whenever they feel like it? Um…Those are cell phone, my friend.

  5. Man, I have that phone. That is, I had it. The echo at the highest volume was bad enough, but the extra unit (it’s expandable, ya know) gave out on me! I just got a new one, though (yeah, it’s vtech, too), and I love it. Maybe I’ll write another review…

  6. Dawn – R-r-r-uffles have r-r-ridges.

    mai – I don’t think it’s expandable, it’s too cheap to be expandable.

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