Vintage Fruit Refreshers

VFR Lemonade

I usually don’t like those flavored water beverages, but when it comes to lemonade and its ilk, I can’t resist.

There’s something about the tartness and the sweetness blended to perfection. Now I understand when guys say they want a ‘sweet girl,’ but still chase the chick in the mini-skirt.

Anyway, my mom’s been buying these Vintage Fruit Refreshers for months, and even though they have lots of flavors (Peach Citrus, Strawberry Kiwi, Cherry Lime, etc.), the lemonade is the one I usually swipe from the bag before she puts them into the trunk of the car.

They’re really good, considering they’re calorie free, caffeine free, sugar free, zero carbs water drinks.

It maybe water, but they come in colors. The last time I checked, drinking water does not come in colors, except possibly brown in third world countries.

But the color comes in handy, because with regular clear water, glasses can get mixed up and you might be drinking the water from someone’s glass you REALLY don’t want drink from. Cooties can be spread that way, ya know. With the Vintage Fruit Refreshers, you don’t have that problem.

They also make the ideal drink to have around the house when your kids want something besides water. Well, it’s water, but… Forget it.

You may not think it won’t taste good because it’s water, but when you actually taste it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I let my friend taste the Peach Citrus flavor just the other day, and she’s now hooked.

Her exact words were, “I could get down on that Peach one.” Whatever that means.

The lemonade totally kicks its butt.

As far as getting them, I usually end up shopping with my mother, just so I can get one. I haven’t actually seen which aisle they’re in; they seem to magically appear in the shopping cart.

But once they’re in the cart, I’m glad they’re there. Yum.

Item: Vintage Fruit Refreshers
Purchase Price: 2 for $1.19
Rating: 4 out of 5
Pros: No calories or carbs (if you care). Two sizes (20 oz, 1 liter). Lots of flavors to choose from, but the lemonade flavor is addicting. It has colors, so you know the difference without sipping from 3 different cups.
Cons: Can’t find the right aisle, so I have to shop with my mom to get them. Has an aftertaste.

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  1. It definately sounds good.. I’ve never seen that in the stores there. Do you know what store they sell them at? I bet she meant she could get down like start dancing after she drinks a peach one.. who knows hehe 😉

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