REVIEW: Method Green Tea + Aloe Hand Wash


Do you know a relative, friend, co-worker, or mistress who’s a little too obsessive compulsive? Sure, we all know one.

They wash their hands over 30 times a day; have a Costco-sized bottle of waterless hand sanitizer on their desk; opens public restroom doors with a paper towel; puts enough layers of sanitary covers on a toilet seat that it provides a slight cushion; or uses Lysol on EVERYTHING.

Well if you have yet to get that person a Christmas gift, what better gift to give them than the gift of cleanliness.

Might I suggest the Method Green Tea + Aloe Hand Wash.

Editor’s Note, Part Two: Um…For you smokers of the ganja, there is no correlation between the name Method and the fact that the color of this hand wash is green. Method products come in a wide range of colors.

I’ve been a really big fan of Method products for a while, although to be honest I’ve never used any of their products until now.

The reason why I didn’t try any was because I couldn’t get my dirty hands on Method products here on this rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (We so desperately need a Target). However, Impulsive Buy groupie Akiko gave me some.

Editor’s Note, Part Three: Um…When I say, “she gave me some,” I meant she gave me a bottle of Method Green Tea + Aloe Hand Wash. Just thought I’d clear that up, since she is an Impulsive Buy groupie.

I think I became a fan of Method products after reading an article about them in one of the Business 2.0 issues I stole from my doctor’s office.

I’m a fan because their products come in nice curvy bottles and I’m sucker for things that have curves, like Catherine Zeta Jones and the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Another reason is because their products are biodegradable, non-toxic, naturally derived, and aren’t tested on animals, which satisfies my tree-hugging side. Finally, I like the company because its name starts with the letter “M.”

As for the Method Green Tea + Aloe Hand Wash, besides being green in color and environmentally-friendly, it smells really good.

So what does green tea combined with aloe smell like? It smells clean. It’s not fruity, flowery, or girly. It just smells clean.

Just the way obsessive-compulsive people like to smell.

If you think about it, our obsessive-compulsive friends maybe on to something with all of this cleanliness. Think about all the things that get touched a lot on a daily basis by people. You don’t know what kind of people they are or where these people have been.

Imagine all the germs on these things, like doorknobs, money, elevator buttons, handrails, and Paris Hilton.

Item: Method Green Tea + Aloe Hand Wash
Purchase Price: FREE (retail price $4.00)
Rating: 8 out of 10
Pros: Clean scent. Environmentally friendly. Nice curvy bottle. Oh yeah, let me feel those curves on that bottle. Oh yeah, let me feel those curves on the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Teehehehehe.
Cons: Kind of pricey for hand soap. Can’t get it here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

22 thoughts to “REVIEW: Method Green Tea + Aloe Hand Wash”

  1. My family uses several of the Method products and we have been very happy with them. Laundry detergent, Fabric Softener, Dishwasher tabs & dish detergent.

    The curvy shape makes them very easy to shopli- store in the pantry.

  2. I have to try this hand wash…I’ve never seen it in NC though. Maybe rednecks don’t care about getting as clean as I do. Oh…marvo…don’t stop writing..the world needs your humor and wittiness! Don’t make me come to Hawaii to convince you…;)

  3. I see Method products everywhere. They now sell them in my grocery store. I’ve always wanted to try the dish soap, but now that I dont have to wash my dishes by hand, I dont need it.

  4. Hi! Just here via blog explosion. I love the Method line of products, too! I get mine at Target, but sometimes other stores carry that line as well…you might check the site frequently to see if any of the stores in your area do carry it. I agree, it’s good stuff!

  5. UncleHornHead – You know, the curvy shape also makes it easier to shoplift. I don’t know how, but it does.

    Aymie’s Mom – Do you have a Target? If you do, I’m pretty sure you can find them there.

    Aymie – Washing dishes by hand is the only exercise I get nowadays.

    kim – If only we had a Target here, it would be so much easier.

    Webmiztris – Too bad no one can smoke it.

    Jenny – Are you talking about the curves of the bottle or Curves fitness centers?

    Mimi – With a little need and some weed, you could make it relate.

    DragonBro – Well you can always vote in the next election.

    Suzanne – Ha! Ha! Ha! You said madness! Our house. In the middle of the street.

    Yummy – I’m a cheap bastard too.

  6. Haha Marvo. The bottle of course! What other reason to make a bottle curved except to make us shape-color-style conscious people want to buy it?

  7. Marvo, love the blog! A friend sent me to your site. You can always order through Keep up the great reviews! You’ve inspired me to run to the store for some Hot Fudge Sundae Pop-Tarts!

  8. Jenny – Because the company’s name is a slang term for marijuana?

    Reeta – Thanks for the compliment. Also, thank your friend for sending you here. I would order through, but the shipping rates are kind of crazy. Don’t forget to try the Pop-Tarts frozen.

    kmsqrd – No, I think the low pay, high cost of living, and traffic will keep you from living here.

  9. On my trip to Nowheresville, USA over Chirstmas I was lucky enough to go to a Target (my 1st time…heh heh heh). Picked up the laundry detergent and fabric softer as well as the all purpose cleaner…this Method stuff rocks!!! You can also pick it up at…for all of us living on tiny islands in the middle of the Pacific.

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