Burger King Angus Bacon Cheddar Ranch Steak Burger

You know the name of a burger is too long when it has more words than the total number of times Jennifer Lopez has been engaged.

Congratulations should go out to Burger King and their Angus Bacon Cheddar Ranch Steak Burger for this wordage monstrosity.

I can also tell it’s too long, because I have a hard time saying, “Angus Bacon Cheddar Ranch Steak Burger” really fast five times in a row.

Go ahead. You try and say it. Don’t worry, I’ll still be here.

(Moments later)

Did you mess up?

You didn’t? Dammit! Are you an auctioneer or something?

Editor’s Note: So I don’t have to type Angus Bacon Cheddar Ranch Steak Burger all the frickin’ time, from this point on I will refer to it as ABCRSB (pronounced ab-ceer-sbee).

A few months ago, Burger King introduced the Angus Steak Burger. The Impulsive Buy tried both the original Angus Steak Burger and the Angus Bacon & Cheese Steak Burger, which I reviewed in September.

In that review, I didn’t think much of the burger’s peppery sauce, but thought it was a hefty burger and the Angus meat was good.

I also didn’t like its name because it was a dropped letter “g” away from being called the Anus Steak Burger, which wouldn’t make it very appetizing, unless you like tossing salad.

Well I guess those Angus burgers were successful enough to warrant (heh, heh) a new burger using Angus beef, hence the ABCRSB.

So what’s different between the Angus Bacon & Cheese Steak Burger and the ABCRSB?

The only differences seem to be the ABCRSB’s sauce (a creamy ranch sauce), and the type of cheese (cheddar cheese). However, the creamy ranch sauce hardly added much to the burger, since I really couldn’t taste it.

What’s even more disappointing was the cost of the ABCRSB Value Meal, which was a dollar more than the Angus Bacon & Cheese Steak Burger Value Meal. I don’t know if the extra dollar can be justified since the creamy ranch sauce and the cheddar cheese REPLACES the Angus Bacon & Cheese Steak Burger’s peppery sauce and whatever cheese they used.

So I can’t decide what to call that, either a bloody ripoff or a frickin’ scam.

Overall, I wasn’t very impressed with the ABCRSB. There’s nothing really special about it, except for the fact that it’s made out of Angus beef, but I’ve tasted better burgers that weren’t made out of it.

Well if you’re interested in trying one, do it quick because the ABCRSB is only here for a limited time.

Item: Burger King Angus Bacon Cheddar Ranch Steak Burger
Purchase Price: $6.39 (Value Meal)
Rating: 3 out of 5
Pros: Hearty burger. Angus beef. Oooh, bacon.
Cons: Very pricey. Weak Ranch taste. Really long name and hard to pronounce when saying it really fast five times in a row (At least for me).

10 thoughts to “Burger King Angus Bacon Cheddar Ranch Steak Burger”

  1. As a rule, I’m leery of fast food burgers trying to pretend to be something they aren’t. If you’re going through a drive-thru it’s because you want something cheap and easy. When I want a $7 hamburger I’ll go to Chili’s. I am however, a die-hard Whataburger fan for cheap and easy burger lovin’. You can’t beat their 2-for-1 burgers on Wednesday night from 5 to 10.

    xx Jenny

  2. Fast food combo meals, slurpees…I’m worried my Impulsive Buyer is going to end up with cardiac on a paper plate. Speaking of paper products, know of a paper napkin that isn’t covered with tacky prints or mimic’ing one ply commercial toilet paper? The Vanity ones are nice but they don’t come in a larger size pack and with their price it seems smarter to just use the linen ones.

  3. I actually like fast food burgers, but I like to stick to the small version (a Whopper Jr vs. a Whopper or a Cheeseburger vs. a Big Mac). Otherwise I feel like a piggy. And all of those fries I eat on the side don’t count; right? 😉

  4. Jenny – Cheap and easy…Yeah, that describes me accurately.

    Grins – I know. I know. All this stuff isn’t good for me. As for the napkins, I don’t know if I’m the right person to ask, because I always steal my napkins from the fast food restaurants I visit.

    Mellie – I had the pleasure of eating an In ‘N’ Out burger while visiting my sister in SF. I swear it was heaven in a bun. Oh, and those fresh fries were also heavenly. I think I need to visit my sister again. I wish I ate one while in Vegas.

    Mimi – I think fast food chicken is even more unnatural.

    Webmiztris – Those fries don’t count because potatoes are considered vegetables and the Sprite is considered a fruit.

  5. Clovis Skeptic – Please stop reminding me how I CAN’T get an In N Out Burger here. 🙁

    Sparkle – Don’t worry, neither can I.

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