Edge Advanced Shaving Gel

Edge Advanced

Being the editor of a quasi-product review blog has a lot of perks. I get to try new things, meet a lot of nice people, and beautiful women want to hang out with me.

Okay, the last one isn’t true.

However, with the Impulsive Buy being kind-of-sort-of popular, I sometimes feel like I’m a quasi-celebrity. Sort of like Kato Kaelin, except not as famous and even less attractive.

If there’s one downside to being a quasi-product review blog editor, it’s that I’ve accumulated a lot of personal care products. I’ve got a better personal care product selection than the convenience store down the street.

For example, I’ve got SEVEN open tubes of toothpaste. SEVEN!

You don’t believe me?

Well there’s the Colgate Max Fresh with Mini Breath Strips, the Crest Whitening Expressions Fresh Citrus Breeze, the four that came in the Crest Whitening Expressions Variety Pack, and the tube of Colgate Total that I opened when the Impulsive Buy was just a twinkle in my eye.

Hey, does toothpaste ever go bad?

Anyway, with today’s review of the new Edge Advanced Shaving Gel, it brings my total of shaving gels/creams in my bathroom to three. This includes The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Cream and the can of regular Edge Shaving Gel that I’ve hardly used for the past six months. I’ve hardly used it because almost every other week I attempt to grow a beard, goatee, or muttonchops.

I’ve been using the Edge Advanced daily since last week and despite all that shaving, I couldn’t find anything “advanced” about it. I even did one of those side-by-side comparisons that Consumer Reports would probably do, where I put regular Edge Shaving Gel on one half of my face and Edge Advanced on the other half.

I got nothing from that.

I guess the most important thing is that it gets the job done, meaning it prevent my face from getting cuts and also prevent my face from feeling like I just dipped it in lava.

Because the Edge Advanced did accomplish those things, maybe it did provide the extra protection, like the can says. However, the regular Edge Shaving Gel has also prevented cuts and that burning sensation.

Anyway, if a shaving gel is going to call itself “advanced” it should be able to shave for me, or even better, kill the hair follicles on my face so I don’t have to shave anymore.

Side Note: I have not and will not try to put Nair on my face. The smell alone makes my nose hairs wilt.

I guess the best part about the Edge Advanced Shaving Gel was its can, which has this cool hologram image on it. Move the can around and watch the hologram go.

It’s the perfect thing that will occupy your dog, infant, or stoned friend.

Item: Edge Advanced Shaving Gel
Purchase Price: $2.76
Rating: 2 out of 5
Pros: Cool hologram image on can, man. It’s new. May provide extra protection that you won’t notice.
Cons: Not really advanced. Won’t shave my face for me. Won’t kill hair follicles.

11 thoughts to “Edge Advanced Shaving Gel”

  1. Actually, I’ve tried this stuff. My hubby bought it for himself, but whatever is left in the shower is COMMUNITY PROPERTY, I always say. You’re right…no big difference from this and any other shaving product that we’ve purchased before. But you are right…the can is way cool, man! Far out…groovy…outta sight! Ok…now you know how old I am! Oh..and Nair…ick.

  2. coolbeans – Yeah, muttonchops. 🙂

    Grins – Or laser hair removal. Ouch!

    Aymie’s Mom – Hmm…Maybe I should try women’s shaving gels. Yes, then move on to other feminine products. I like that idea (as I stroke my beard).

  3. Mellie – It wouldn’t be fair. Aphrodisiac sandalwood smelling shaving cream versus menthol-smelling Edge Advanced.

  4. Marvo, you owe my nose an apology! It doesn’t appreciate when the diet pepsi comes out of it. Really, the review was too funny and I scared the people in the table next to me. Nice going!

  5. kmsqrd – Um, I’m sorry. Just be glad it wasn’t regular Pepsi, because I heard that when boogers and Pepsi meet, it’s not a pleasant combination.

  6. I have found that the Edge “whatever” shaving gel, dulls my razor a lot faster than the cheapo no name regular shaving cream. Just an observation.

  7. boblement – You know, I’ve heard someone else tell me the same thing, but I haven’t really noticed.

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