Canon PowerShot A85

Canon PowerShot A85

As many of you know, earlier this month, my digital camera broke and I had to buy a new one. Many of you also know that it broke while I was taking photos of a product I was planning to review.

Um, that last part was a lie. It actually broke while I was taking photos of myself.

Why was I taking photos of myself? I needed self-portraits for the online dating service I’m planning to sign up for.

Although I’m scared to try an online dating service, because who knows what kind of freaky-deeky girl I might end up on a date with? But then again, freaky-deeky sounds pretty good…because I’m desperate.

Anyway, the new digital camera I bought was the Canon PowerShot A85. I actually wanted the $200 3.2-megapixel Canon PowerShot A75, but NOBODY had it in stock, so I had to buy the more expensive, 4-megapixel PowerShot A85.

While researching digital cameras, I had to read a lot of reviews. These reviews got pretty boring because they explained things like aperture, ISO, exposure, blah, blah, blah. See it’s pretty boring.

Here at the Impulsive Buy, we’re not going to bore you with stuff like that, instead we will ask hypothetical questions that include scenarios most people would use a camera for and find out if the PowerShot A85 would do a good job in each of these scenarios.

Question #1

“I just gave birth to my daughter, her name is Melody, and I want to take pictures of all the important moments of her young life, like her first steps, her first tooth, and her appearance in the possible future movie Baby Geniuses 3, but I’m not knowledgeable about photography. Is it easy to take photos with this camera?”

Yes. There’s an Auto Mode that lets the camera do almost all the work, like figuring out the appropriate aperture and shutter speed. All you have to do is point and shoot. The Auto Mode takes great pictures and those pictures will help psychiatrists understand why Melody doesn’t like you for forcing her to be in what will probably be, if they make it, one of the worst movies EVER.

Question #2

“I’m 70-years-old, technophobic, and don’t own a computer. Is this camera good for taking photos of my beautiful, but bratty grandchildren?”

No. I’ve learned that elderly people with technophobia and digital cameras don’t mix. It’s like sticking a gun in the hands of the Dalai Lama.

As for the lack of a computer, you might be fine there because this camera allows direct printing from the camera to special Canon printers.

On second thought, the technophobia will definitely come into play here because if you can’t set the time on your VCR, you probably won’t be able to figure out how to print your grandchildren’s photos from your camera.

Question #3

“Is this camera good for when I go to Mardi Gras and take pictures of women flashing their boobs?”

Yes. When a woman flashes her boobs, make sure the camera is set to the Fast Shutter option. This allows you to take better photos of those shy women who show their boobs really fast, without the risk of blurred photos. Also, make sure you have a lot of bead necklaces.

Question #4

“I read that the PowerShot A85 allows me to take video clips. Would this be a good option for finding out if my significant other is cheating on me by hiding the camera in the bedroom?”

No. The video quality for digital still cameras isn’t as good as it would be for real video cameras. Video quality is important in these circumstances because I’m sure you would like to know who your significant other is cheating with so you can hunt that person down. Also, depending on the size of your memory card, the camera can’t take very long clips.

Question #5

“I’m planning to sign up for one of those online dating services and I need to take a picture of myself. I’m not very good looking and when I tried to take a self-portrait of myself, the digital camera I was using broke down on me. Will this camera break if I take a picture of myself?”

Yes AND No. Are you wearing a paper bag over your head when you take the picture? If you are, the camera won’t break. If you aren’t wearing one, I highly suggest you do NOT take a self-portrait because the camera will break.

Also, if you’re extremely claustrophobic and you might suffocate with a paper bag on your head, a big sheet of paper in front of your face can be used instead of a paper bag.


Overall, I liked this camera. It takes great shots and has a great battery life, since it takes four AA batteries to power it. The PowerShot A85 is great for those who just want to point and shoot or for those control freaks that like manual options.

It’s a great camera for almost any scenario you may face.

Editor’s Note: For more product reviews go check out our friends at the Message Whore.

Item: Canon Powershot A85
Purchase Price: $279.99
Rating: 4 out of 5
Pros: Great for taking pictures of flashing boobs. Allows direct printing from camera to special Canon printers. Won’t break when ugly people take self-portraits with a paper bag over their head.
Cons: Video option isn’t good for trying to catch your significant other cheating on you. Too complex for elderly, technophobic people.

13 thoughts to “Canon PowerShot A85”

  1. Question #6: I a big geek and I want to photograph the comet that’s in the sky at night. Wikk his camera fit most telescope adapters or will I be forced to duct tape it to the eye piece lke I do now?

    Question #7: Can I “borrow” your Mardi Gras photos?

  2. I have a very similar Canon camera- its the power shot series, but I don’t remember the exact name. It takes awesome pictures! And as a great Christmas present, I got the Selphy photo printer by Canon. It only prints 4×6 but the quality is amazing!

  3. Hope this one doesnt break on you. I personally think Canon Digi cams are pieces of garbage, but, you cant beat that price for a 4.0 pixel.

  4. re: Question #5 – another option to the brown paper bag is to get a life-size picture of, say, Brandon Frazier’s face, glue that to a popsicle stick, and hold it in front of your face for the pic. Hm, maybe a body shot of that would be even more effective…hmmmmm…mmm…

  5. My mom is 68 and recently got a pretty advanced Fuji digital camera. She doesn’t have a computer and has no tech skills. She takes her card in to the photo shop for prints and to get the photos put on cd, and that seems to work really well for her so don’t count seniors out on digital cameras.

  6. Fact #1 I bought my significant other the cheaper Canon PowerShot A75 for Christmas. $199 at Staples. Of course after the carrying case, battery charger and extra rechargable batteries, it was $300. He loves it. Fact #2 I have three sets of red “show me yer boobs” beads hanging on my rearview mirror. ‘Nuff said 😛

  7. I have a Canon Powershot camera too, not sure which one though. I think it’s great, but it is iffy with the batteries sometimes. Last time I changed them, I started getting the “Batteries need replaced” message after taking only TWO PICTURES ! Damn! Maybe I just need better batteries.

  8. Lee – Um, I’d stick with the duct tape. Duct tape is always the perfect solution for any situation, like shutting people up.

    Ayesha97 – With this camera I take awesome photos of consumer goods.

    Aymie – As long as I don’t take a photo of myself, I’ll be all right.

    Mellie – Wait. Encino Man Brendan Frazier or The Mummy Brendan Frazier.

    Jen – Okay, wait. How many times has she called you to ask you how the camera works?

    Aymie’s Mom – I just found out today that Canon introduced the new camera that replaces the A75. It will also cost $200 and will be lighter and smaller than the A75.

    Webmiztris – Maybe your gnome was using the batteries for something.

    Yam – I second that “Ew.”

  9. I just bought the same camera! After reading all the reviews I could fit in to the better part of an afternoon, I’m glad to see somebody else came to the same conclusion. Amazon was selling it for $250. Rechargable batteries would have been nice, but other than that, it seems like a good camera.

  10. Jim – Bought mine from CompUSA and the salesperson kindly pointed out that rechargable batteries were on sale. However, I’m still pissed that Canon just introduced a new camera to replace the A75.

    Webmiztris – Can’t gnomes jump?

    Heathen – If I ever get the courage to sign up and if I can somehow take a picture of myself without breaking a camera.

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