Keto Tammy’s Triple Whammy Ice Cream

Keto Triple Whammy

I know. I know.

Why in the world am I reviewing a product that comes from a company that’s no longer in business? (See this review for details)

Well I bought the Keto Tammy’s Triple Whammy Ice Cream because I wanted to find out if it’s better than Bambi’s Triple Whammy. So I figured, since I tried it, I might as well review it.

So what’s Bambi’s Triple Whammy?

It’s not an ice cream, that’s for sure. I could try to explain Bambi’s Triple Whammy more thoroughly, but I’m kind of unsure of what it is. Unfortunately, I’m blindfolded and handcuffed to bed posts throughout the whole thing, so I’m not too sure what really goes on.

All I can say is that it usually feels really good (although sometimes uncomfortable), it’s waaaay more expensive than Tammy’s Triple Whammy Ice Cream, and I think it’s called a Triple Whammy because it involves Candy and Cinnamon, which aren’t actually candy and cinnamon, but are Bambi’s “friends.”

Also, despite her excessive use of flavored lubricants, Bambi’s Triple Whammy is surprisingly cleaner than Tammy’s Triple Whammy Ice Cream.

As for the Keto Tammy’s Triple Whammy Ice Cream, it’s low-carb, but high-fat, high-cholesterol vanilla ice cream with pecan toffee crunch pieces and caramel swirls. Plus, for the lush in me, it also contained three grams of sugar alcohol.

Unfortunately, there weren’t many pecan toffee crunch pieces, there weren’t ANY caramel swirls, and it turns out there isn’t a drop of alcohol in sugar alcohol.

Despite these faults, Tammy’s Triple Whammy Ice Cream actually tasted pretty good, although not good enough to help Keto rise from the ashes of defunct companies.

I’d like to give a 3 rating for this ice cream, but I have half of a soul, so out of pity, I’m going to give the Keto Tammy’s Triple Whammy Ice Cream an extra half of a rating.

Hey, when I’ve only got half of a soul (and half of a heart), I can only give half of a rating.

Item: Keto Tammy’s Triple Whammy Ice Cream
Purchase Price: $2.00 (on sale)
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Pros: Surprisingly good. Going-out-of-business-cheap. Much cheaper than Bambi’s Triple Whammy.
Cons: Despite what it said on packaging, there were no caramel swirls. High-fat. High-cholesterol. Very little pecan toffee crunches. Not as good as Bambi’s Triple Whammy.

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  1. Kristin – Yup, it’s the strangest thing. I think the workers at Keto were eventually getting complacent, since they knew the company was going to close. They were probably thinking, “Eh, I can mess up, because what are they going to do…Fire me?”

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