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Drive-Thru Comp

I always get a tingling sensation when I buy a compilation CD that consists of bands that I’ve never heard of.

It gets me excited because I like to think of it as playing musical Russian Roulette, just spin the CD and hope none of the bands give me a headache.

Of course, it’s very similar to regular Russian Roulette, except with regular Russian Roulette the headaches are much worse.

This time around, I played musical Russian Roulette with the new Drive-Thru Records & Compilation CD, which consists of a number signed and unsigned rock, punk, and emo bands. I thought this would be the perfect CD to have a one-man mosh pit with.

Drive-Thru Records is an indie record label that has some of my favorite new bands in its stable, like Allister and The Early November. is a great place to discover new bands and to get a whole crap load of free MP3s without the RIAA breathing down your neck like Kirstie Alley would if you had a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

There are a lot of great things about the Drive-Thru Records & Compilation, but there was one that stood out. It wasn’t the fact that the compilation comes with two CDs. It wasn’t that I got it on sale for only $8.99. It wasn’t the fact that when I purchased the CD, the cute cashier at the record store wanted my autograph, although she called it a signature.

The best part of the compilation was the extra 120 total MP3s that came on both discs of bands that I have never ever heard of.

This news made my iPod cream, because that would mean 120 more songs I’d be stuffing into her. (Yes, my iPod is a she and a whore.) Although I had to fix the ID tags in iTunes because they were all messed up and my iPod doesn’t like nameless things going into her, because she has some standards.

After listening to all eight hours and thirty-two minutes of the compilation, I’ve discovered a lot of great new bands, like Fall Out Boy, Echo Screen, Self Against City, and a whole lot of other bands that I would list, but I think at some point you might wonder if I’m just making names up.

Despite my high praise of the compilation, there were a few bands that I didn’t like, but you can’t expect me like everything. Just like you can’t expect Kirstie Alley to like all the doughnut variations at Krispy Kreme.

Anyway, if you enjoy discovering new rock, punk, or emo bands, I’d like to suggest the Drive-Thru Records & Compilation. It was a very satisfying CD purchase, especially for my slutty iPod.

Item: Drive-Thru Records & Compilation
Purchase Price: $8.99 (on sale)
Rating: 8 out of 10
Pros: Two CDs and 120 extra MP3s. Many good bands that I’ve never heard of. A whole lot of music for a cheap price. Great way to stuff your iPod with rock, punk, and emo bands (and she’ll like it). No Britney or Ashlee.
Cons: You probably haven’t heard of 99% of the bands, so the compilation might not be good for those who are afraid to try new things. MP3 ID tags were messed up. My iPod is a whore.

14 thoughts to “Drive-Thru Records & Compilation”

  1. If you like Drive-Thru Records, you might want to check out Side One Dummy Records bands… and the Epitaph Records “Give ‘Em the Boot” compilations are always great, too.

  2. Trish – I learned about Side One Dummy Records when one of my favorite bands in the world, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, ended up there. I really like Avoid One Thing and I’ve been getting into Flogging Molly, which is kind of strange since I’m Japanese.

  3. Marvo, you finally got an iPod? Or did you have one all this time? I will definitely check this compilation out! I’ve never heard of it before. 120 extra mp3s are always a good thing!

  4. Marvo, I’m a big fan of 7 Seconds and The Briggs on Side One Dummy, and lately I’ve been kind of digging Go Betty Go.

  5. Lorien – Nope, there’s only a All Time Low.

    Jamie – I’ve always had an iPod, but recently I picked up an iPod Shuffle. I really should do a review on it one of these days.

    Trish – I’ve actually got a few tracks from 7 Seconds and Go Betty Go and I like what I’ve heard. As for The Briggs, I’ll go check them out.

    Matt – Her name is iVory, although she maybe white, but she sure isn’t pure.

  6. Well, well, I think my kids may be cooler than I think. They use PureVolume all the time, and I have heard Fall Out Boy.

    As a matter of fact, I got the Mighty Mighty Bosstones on my my iPod from the 18-year old and really like them, so maybe I’M cooler than I think, too.

    OK, maybe not. Shut up.

  7. Peggasus – By Federal Law, if you have an iPod, you’re automatically cool. If it’s blinged out, you’re even more cool. What’s “blinged out” mean? I don’t know, I’m uncool.

  8. Marvo, is there any place to get this online? Or did you get it at a music store? I didn’t see it on the site but I didn’t search extensively either.

  9. Sorry, Marvo, I found the clickable Amazon link after looking at the review a bit more…I think I need some coffee here. However, I may try looking for it in a music store anyway…the “shopping for music live” thing is both fun and increasingly nostalgic.

  10. Chuck – If the compilation was on iTunes, I would’ve bought it there, but I had to actually enter a record store. I almost forgot what CDs were.

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