May Prize Drawing!!!

Being it’s the middle of Spring, I felt it would be appropriate to make this month’s prize drawing prize the Irish Spring MicroClean soap, which The Impulsive Buy reviewed in April.

Now that I think about it, it also would’ve made a great prize for March’s prize drawing, since the Irish Spring MicroClean would’ve been perfect thing to wear on Saint Patrick’s Day. You could’ve connected it to a rope and worn it around your neck, much like how Flavor Flav has a giant clock around his neck.

Anyway, two lucky readers will each receive ONE brand new bar of Irish Spring MicroClean.

Yeah! How you like me now, Consumer Reports? Who the man now? I’m giving away bars of soap. What you givin’ away? You better recognize! If you don’t, I’m gonna be all up in your grill. Yahtzee, beeyatch!

To enter this month’s prize drawing, just leave a comment for THIS post with the words “I’m dirrty” in it and whatever else you would like to say. (Yes, you have to spell it like that. Although, we will also accept “derrty.”) Or, if you think we’re greedy comment whores here, you can also enter by sending us an email with the phrase “I’m dirrty” in the subject field.

If you leave a comment, you must fill out the email field, because we will be emailing the winners for their mailing addresses. Don’t worry about the shipping, we will take care of it.

We will start accepting entries for the drawing on Tuesday, May 10, 2005. We will stop accepting entries on Friday, May 13, 2005. Only one entry allowed per person. The drawing is ONLY open to those in the United States and Canada. (Sorry, rest of the world)

To determine the winners, I will take all the entries into the shower with me and moisten each one of them. Then I will stick each entry on my shower curtain and let them dry overnight. The next morning I will shake my shower curtain until all the entries fall off.

The last two entries to fall will be considered the winners.

Good luck!

Fine Print: We promise your email address will not be used to send you spam about sweet and innocent looking 18 year old girls. We also promise your mailing address will not be used to send you offers for a gimmicky Bank One credit card. Bribes will not be accepted. We will not be responsible for lost mail or the future of Britney’s child.

48 thoughts to “May Prize Drawing!!!”

  1. I’m dirrty. And I’m firrst. Come to think of it, I’m thirrsty to. What time is it? Almost twelve thirrty? Gotta go. Have to get up earrly.

  2. This is perfect, my bar of soap is almost done. If I were to win, then I wouldn’t have to buy another one, and I would smell greate!!

  3. I’m dirrty, my boyfriend is dirrty, he smells likes monkey ass at the end of a long work day…now that’s dirrty.

  4. I could use a little Irish Spring MicroClean, since I, like everyone else here, am apparently dirrty. Yahtzee!

  5. Dang, I check in to see if a new review was up and all I get is this contest for soap! Damn it you should be giving out the Olestra chips or something.

    Oh and I’m dirrty. 🙂

  6. (just a comment)

    You know, that’s a good prize considering how long a bar of soap lasts now a-days. They last forever. I’ve got this one bar that is going on two years of service and only half used. Of course, it is just for handswashing, but still …

  7. I’m Dirry! I love the way you are going to determine the winners that’s great! Yahtzee!!

  8. I’m dirrty, not dirry, the latter of which can happen from too much Olestra laden chips.

  9.’re such a goofball…that’s why I love you so much! I’m DIRRTY baby!

  10. We have a lemon colored Basset Hound, Chloe. It rained yesterday and she loves rolling around in mud…she is so not a girly girl dog…and she’s so super sweet, she wants to jump in your lap when she’s covered in tons of mud! If she could talk, she would say “I’m dirrty & I love it!” I wonder how she would take to a bar of soap????

  11. As I plunged after her into the heated mudbath, she said, “I’m dirrty. And I like it that way. Now go get me a loofah, beeyatch.” My sense of anticipation was so great, I had to yell, “Yahtzee!” My day at the Dominatrix Beauty Spa was just beginning.

  12. I thought, for a moment, that your prize was a rubber ducky. What a dirrty trick for me, myself, who am…is…are…derrty.

  13. I’m dirrty. I also am an avid user of irish springs, and am fressh ouut. I’m glad you decided to include your northern friends in this contest. I bet you only did it because you could smell me all the way up here and felt sorry for me since i am out of soap.

    PS – please send deodorant too

  14. I’m dirrty – so dirty that Pig Pen from Peanuts is considered more next to Godliness than me.

  15. I don’t want that soap because it’s given me a rash in the past, but I do want to commend you on perhaps the best sentence EVER:

    Yahtzee, beeyatch!

  16. I’m dirrty. But I really really don’t wanna go into that shower with you. So please disqualify me this time.

    Should you ever consider offering the yellow duckie as a prize, I’ll reconsider.

  17. marvo, congrats on the Y top pick…

    I am damn sad that I only now got to read the review on White Castle burgers… I voted for that one. I actually saw them for the first time at the grocery store today. No ketchup pringles, but they do have “White Cheese” pringles or something like that now. Interesting.

    Oh yes. I, too, am quite dirrty. Quite possibly from cheapeating two frozen banquet dinners on consecutive days. Now I feel very, very dirrty.

  18. I’m a dirrty girl and I need to be showered. (oh, this isn’t THAT kind of site!)

    Never mind.

    I’m not that dirrty, since I took a shower this morning, but I would like some soap.

  19. Oh me so dirrty
    Oh Oh me so dirrty
    Oh me so dirrty
    Me dirrty long time

    …there I’m dirrty. I need soap.

  20. *ahem*
    My name is Shane and… I’m dirrty.
    there I’ve said it.

  21. my fish tank (can’t spell aquarium) was dirrty
    but now its clean
    hopefully I will be too someday
    with some Irish Spring

  22. I’m Dirrty!!! I’m Dirrty!!! I’m Dirrty!!!

    No, I’m not Dirrty in THAT type of way, lol

  23. I’m also of the dirrty variety. I wish to be clean yet I lack the proper requirement (a bar ‘o soap). This would really make my day to win….. It would be like an early Christmas. God bless us ev’ry one!

  24. I’m dirrty… woot.
    This is random, but your site is soooo much hotter than all those reveiw sites that actually discuss the product only. I mean, how lame is that?

    -Using women’s shampoo is sexy. ^.^

  25. I’m durrty.

    I know that the incorrect spelling renders me ineligible for the drawing, but I’m Just That Perverse.

  26. Well the soap here is officailly gone… if I don’t get some soon, I’m going to start to get really dirty.

  27. I’m dirrty – I’m not sure if it has anything to do with hygeine though? Or spelling, cause I think I spelled that wrong…

  28. you have to be tired of people saying that they’re dirrty by now. I read all of the replys, and I know it lost it’s appeal around 43 or so. I don’t really want the soap, I just want my message to shower with you. That’s hot. Do you often shower with paper products? Have you tried washing derrty ones? Do they clean well? I think I now know what I’ll be doing tonight. Only downside, papercuts in awkward places…

  29. I want to be dirty, I want to talk dirty and I want my women to talk dirty to me……but my white, anglo saxon, protestant up-bringing makes it all so impossibly dirrty…..

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