Method Bathroom Surface Cleaner

Method Bathroom Surface Cleaner

Over the past nine months, The Impulsive Buy has reviewed a couple of products from the company Method because ever since reading an article about the company in the magazine Business 2.0, I’ve gone gaga over the company, like they were…

a. Opening day movie tickets for Star Wars Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith.

b. Google stocks.

c. Pictures of accidental celebrity nipple slips.

This time I decided to review the Method Bathroom Cleaner, which I have been using for the past few months. I like using Method products because they are biodegradable and non-toxic, which means…

a. I don’t have to wear rubber gloves when using it.

b. No taste of poison paradise. I’m not addicted to you. Don’t you know that you’re non-toxic.

c. It may come in handy when I’m really drunk and run out of Listerine to drink.

It’s an all-purpose cleaner so I’ve been using it to clean almost everything in my bathroom, like the shower, shower curtain, sink, countertop, and water fixtures. It cleans just as well as most bathroom cleaners out in the market, but when I’m done cleaning with the Method Bathroom Cleaner, my bathroom has a nice, fresh cucumber scent.

The cucumber scent was refreshing because most bathroom cleaners come in either citrus or chemical scent. Unfortunately, the Method Bathroom Cleaner only comes in the cucumber scent. However, this might be good for those of you who dislike cucumber because…

a. You believe zucchinis are much better and more fun than cucumbers.

b. They aren’t as cute as pickles.

c. You had a horrific accident involving a banana peel, a cucumber patch, and a particular orifice.

Despite the nice cucumber scent, the mist of the Method Bathroom Cleaner…

a. Caused me to sneeze.

b. Made me cough like a college freshman trying his or her first ever bong hit.

c. Irritated my throat as badly as it gets after a night of butchering every song I sang at karaoke.

Of course, on the packaging it says I should use the product in well-ventilated areas, but unfortunately my bathroom doesn’t have windows, just a crappy-ass fan. But then again when I was spraying it around, I was very liberal with it, like…

a. The amount of ketchup on my French Fries.

b. The amount of Raid I use on a cockroach.

c. The amount of facial tissues I use when I cry like a baby at weddings.

So far, out of the three Method products The Impulsive Buy has reviewed, I have to say that this was the least impressive of the bunch because…

a. The bottle wasn’t shaped as cool as the other Method products.

b. I have high expectations for a four dollar bottle of bathroom cleaner.

c. I’m bitter that another friend got married and I’m so alone…So alone…ALONE!!!

Item: Method Bathroom Surface Cleaner
Purchase Price: $4.00 (Purchased by Akiko and given to me as a gift)
Rating: 3 out of 5
Pros: Better smelling than most of the cleaning products I’ve used in the past. Non-toxic. Biodegradable.
Cons: Only comes in cucumber scent. Mist irritated my throat. My sensitive side that cries at weddings. Britney Spears reference.

27 thoughts to “Method Bathroom Surface Cleaner”

  1. This is more of cosmo-quiz style, when you think about it.

    And what is with reviewing products that I have gotten cheaper? The Target near me has several different “flavors” of Method Bathroom cleaner. I’m not sure what flavor I have, but it is clear and smells pleasantly of … well … pleasant, really.

    Also, mine cost $1.32 + tax.

    Face it, you need to move to the mainland south to save some green. :: wink ::

  2. That was a great review. I will have to say I am going to try finding these Method cleaners. They sound like the work pretty well. Where is it you can buy them? I would also have to say it would be nice not to smell lemons when i clean.

  3. I read the first dozen or so CYOA books before they started cheaping out on them and reducing the number of endings per book. I don’t usually cry at weddings, but being forced to listen to Britney Spears might push me over the edge.

  4. I generally cry at weddings, but I usually only go if I am forced to take part in them. You would cry too if someone forced you to wear pink taffeta. Personally, I’m not certain I would like my bathroom to smell like a salad. InfamousJ, what other smells are there? Is there by any chance a lime coconut fragrance? It would be nice to have the bathroom smell like fruity drinks. Very captain morgan.

  5. there is NOTHING, i repeat NOTHING, i repeat NOTHING, i repeating NOTHING … ahem…. nothing wrong with cucumber scent. in fact, i live on a cucumber farm (with greenhouses for hydroponically growing the umm.. ‘plants’). maybe i will send you a cucumber some day for you to review…

  6. Er…I must be a dork too, because I used to order from the Scholastic Books catalog as well. I actually got excited when the teacher would pass out the newest issue so I could get more books.

    I dunno if I want my bathroom to smell like cucumber. I’m sick and tired as it is of the cucumber-melon scents found in many lotions.

  7. macOtto – Just like every multiple choice test I’ve taken, I always choose C.

    TheInfamousJ – Yeah, you’re right it is more of a Cosmo-type of quiz. Anyway, dang! Why do you get the luck of having to buy stuff at cheap prices?

    Megan – No. It’s a whole different world now. Everything doesn’t smell like lemons. Cars are more fuel efficient. No more N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Oh, what? The Backstreet Boys just released a new album? Oh well, I guess the world can’t be perfect.

    Becky – Just head for your nearest Target and you will find them. Please clean responsibly.

    Chuck – At the wedding ceremony, when my friend was saying his vows, he couldn’t keep his composure and I started crying…Wait, why am I saying this to you? You’re a guy…Um, naw man, I didn’t cry. What you talking about? Crying? Me? No…

    Amy in GA – I would cry if someone forced me to wear pink anything. I don’t care if pink is the new black. What? Pink isn’t the new black anymore? Damn, I’m so uncool.

    Mr Jon teh Redth of Canadia – Well if you do send one, please use overnight shipping because I don’t know how good the cucumber will taste if it is shipped here by boat.

    Toni – Holy crap! I’m stoked you mentioned the Scholastic Books catalog reference. Back in my bookworm days, I always ordered one book from each catalog. When I got the book, I read it so fast that I couldn’t wait for the next one. Thank goodness for libraries, because if it weren’t for them I’d probably be selling drugs.

  8. Just an FYI, the Method products were showcased on an episode of “Queer Eye for the Straight Girl” I saw last week. Woo!!! They loved the cucumber smell.

  9. I use Method, too, for the same reasons you do, although I prefer the Lilac scent. The only thing I hate is that when used liberally, it makes my skin irritated. I just have sensitive skill, granted, but it’s still not my favorite sensation to want to scratch off every living skin cell from the bones on your arms.

  10. Amy in GA – I haven’t gotten a chance to go by Target since the review was made, but the next time in I’ll take a secret sneaky-pic of the different flavors and also of the price for Marvo (sorry to twist the knife my economics seem to keep sticking in your back). I did pull my bottle out of the bathroom to read it and the aroma (aha! the correct word for “flavor”!) is ylang-ylang.

  11. akiko – So does that mean I’m cool because I use Method products?

    The Webwench – Hmm…Never smelled the lilac scent, but it sounds to girly for me, like putting potpourri in my bathroom. Of course, the potpourri would get in the way of the stack on magazines on the toilet.

    TheInfamousJ – I think if we had a Target here, I wouldn’t mind the knife so much.

  12. My wife bought the laundry soap and the shower no scrub cleaner from Method because we just moved to a farm and the water exits the hous via a pipe, travels westward towards a pond, empties in to it, and my goats drink from said pond. We thought biodegradeable would be the way to go. Maybe we’ll try this stuff, because, hey, goats like cucumbers. Don’t they?

    The shower no scrub stuff is righteous by the way.

  13. Hismikeness – I think goats like EVERYTHING. I don’t think they’re picky.

    rfduck – Actually, it’s much more prettier than that. My photography skills suck and I tried to make it better in Photoshop, but my Photoshop skills suck even more.

  14. And now I get on my chemistry soapbox. At least I have a degree (yay graduation on Sunday) to back it up:

    Hismikeness – Method is biodegradeable, true. Hell, anything without phosphates is biodegradeable. Ivory soap is biodegradeable. The only problem is that Method contains surfactants which might or might not be good for fish living in that pond. The goats will be fine. And you won’t see algae unless you start growing a new strand that is a surfactant-survivor. But, I just wanted to let you know that you have other options, should you ever need them, in the soap department. Just make sure you get a soap (check the ingredients list for phosphates and then get without), not a detergent.

  15. Damn InfamousJ, not only did I get a greta product review, but a nice science lesson as well. There is no end to the wonders of the impulsive buy!!!

  16. Infamous– Thanks for the chem lesson. Can you help me with some dynamite. The recipe on Fight Club (one part gasoline and one part concentrated orange juice) didn’t work. And there isn’t any fish in the pond, it is just water run off in a low part of the feild. Afterall, it is the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and for those of you who don’t know, it rains approximately 453 days a year

  17. I too read choose your own adventure, not afraid to love star wars, but in a comical way, cried at the 3 weddings in four weeks that went to this spring because i am alone. I officially have a crush on you…

  18. missy – That’s okay, many of my readers have a crush on me. Oh wait. I’m sorry. When I said “many of my readers,” I really meant a couple of readers. Okay. Okay. When I said “a couple of readers,” I really meant just you.

  19. A cucumber cleaner would be wonderful, especially if it means I don’t have to actually clean the bathroom and can just spray it and make it smell like I worked for hours.

    You know what would make it even greater? If it tasted like Pickles, you know that way if you accidentally got it in your mouth you could be happy about it. Of course that could become addictive, but besides that it would likely help the product sell faster, there can be every pickle flavor but I bet Kosher Dill Pickle Flavored Cumcumber Cleaner would sell the best. Write to the company and BEG for KOSHER DILL PICKLE FLAVORED CUCUMBER CLEANER.

  20. Kiviana – So I take it you really like Dill Pickles? You should try the Lay’s Limited Edition Dill Pickles Potato Crisps.

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