20 thoughts to “Happy Friend’s Wedding Days!!!”

  1. Actually, Yellowstone is the most dangerous, if you consider the amount of damage it can do (as opposed to active-ness).

  2. Is giving a stripper a dead president considered an impulsive buy? In that case, could you do a story on it? Ahh… Mum, get out of my room!

  3. Have fun Marvo! Maybe you can find some anti-hangover remedies to do a review on after the bachelor party.

  4. You know, Chuck, they actually have tried and true anti-hangover remedies. If you go to the hospital with alcohol poisoning, they give you what is called a “hangover kit”. It basically boils down to ever B-vitamin in the book, gatorade (okay, really an IV with electrolytes but we are being cheap), and an ibuprofin or some other non-liver-killing pain killer.

    Try it, the damned thing works. Only problem is if you are doing pill form and whatnot, you have to do it before the hangover (at the end of a night of hard drinking).

    This is what I get for having doctors as friends …

  5. Mike – I don’t know if there is bias, but I got my information from a local newspaper.

    Lord Jezo – Sorry, no stripper pics.

    macOtto – My giving a stripper $50 for a lap dance is considered an impulsive buy, but I didn’t have $50.

    Kaos/Lorien/Tara – Sorry, no stripper review. Maybe when/if I have a bachelor party, I’ll review the strippers.

    Megan – Thanks, I’ll try.

    Chuck – I like to wear my hangovers like a badge of pride.

  6. The InfamousJ – Thanks. Wrote down that information just in case.

    Thumper – Actually, I don’t really like weddings, but I do love entertaining y’all.

    nat – Don’t tempt me. 😉

    lightpinksheep – Actually, I don’t think there are any strip clubs here, but there’s an escort service in Kona.

    Damon – I’ve learned it’s hard to take a picture of alcohol when drinking alcohol, because unfortunately the alcohol won’t stay still.

  7. Mr Jon teh Redth of Canadia – Here’s your refund. Free Ninety-Nine. 😉

    Aymie’s Mom – The wedding was about celebrating the momentus occasion of my friend’s life. A joining of two souls into one. A gala of friends and family…Okay. Okay. I didn’t get lucky. Bah!

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