27 thoughts to “Happy Sick Day(s)!!!”

  1. No review tomorrow?! Thats not acceptable!!! Two words: Thera Flu…it kinda tastes gross, but it atually works… maybe you could do a review for it! (thats my pathetic attempt to try to get you to review something…can you tell?!) Anyways, Feel better!!!

  2. Dr. Phil would have done it to me too…What do you have? If it is pink eye, sorry about that. I always heard about computer viruses, but figured you couldn’t actually catch them from computers…

  3. *snicker snicker* computer virus…

    I wish you a speedy recovery, for purely selfish reasons, I assure you.

  4. get well soon!

    it’ll give me time to catch up – i’ve got nearly three weeks worth to read now that i’m back. damn jetlag – i think i’ll manage, having been up since 3:30 this morning and having no idea what day it is. :p


  5. Get well soon M. We all miss you. 🙂 I read old posts to stay happy. You should to. My favorite is the iPod Shuffle…

  6. Get Well Soon. I am sure it was Dr. Phil that did you in. He has a weird way of hurting people who don’t like him. It is the evil I am sure!!

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