Veet Aloe Vera Rasera Bladeless Kit

Veet Aloe Vera Rasera Bladeless Kit

A few female readers requested that we do a few women’s products, particularly the Veet Rasera, which is a hair removal cream that comes with a plastic squeegee to help remove the hair.

Seeing that I didn’t have the proper equipment for tampons or the estrogen and ovaries for the Ortho Evra birth control patch, I decided to review the Veet Rasera.

Now I have hairy legs, which keep me warm at night, adds several seconds to my 200 meter breaststroke time, and makes my legs more humpable for dogs.

I had second thoughts about removing the hair on my legs because I have a lot of scars on them from my BMX bike jumping days.

Then I remembered a wise man once said, “Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever,” and I decided to show off my scars.

Then I remembered it wasn’t a wise man, it was what Keanu Reeves said in the movie “The Replacements.”

Anyway, armed with the Veet Rasera, I walked into my bathroom and began the difficult task of mowing down the veritable forests on my legs.

The Veet has an obvious chemical smell, but it does smell better than the Nair products I smelled at the store. However, neither product tastes as good as or has a better name than the hair removal product, Nads.

When I applied the Veet to my legs and let it sit for three minutes, I didn’t feel any burning. However, later when I applied it to my chest, it stung pretty badly and left my chest red and irritated for the rest of the day.

After the three minutes were up, I used the Rasera Bladeless Tool (ie squeegee), to remove the hair from my legs. Overall, it got rid of the hair pretty well, although there were areas on my legs that still had hair. However, having patches of hair on my legs might’ve had to do with the fact that I’ve never shaved my legs before and I can’t see the back of my legs very well.

Veet Aloe Vera Rasera Bladeless Kit Results

Too bad I’m not possessed, because as we all learned from Linda Blair, possessed people are able to turn their heads around 360 degrees. Oh yeah, and R2D2 too.

So I had hairless legs, but I think my skin was numb because I couldn’t feel the air coming out from my Vornado fan.

Anyway, having hairless legs made me feel more aerodynamic. It made me want to put a band aid on my legs and rip it off to know what it feels like to not have the band aid rip out a few legs hair. It allowed me to close my eyes, stroke my legs, and a pretend I was with a woman.

It also made me cold.

Without the insulation of my hairy legs, I believe my body dropped slightly in temperature, which caused me to get sick last week.


But alas, just like most of Jennifer Lopez’s romantic relationships, I knew it couldn’t last forever. After one day, I could start to feel stubble on my legs. However, hair anywhere on my body grows back very quickly, so your mileage will probably vary.

Item: Veet Aloe Vera Rasera Bladeless Kit
Purchase Price: $9.89
Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Rasera Bladeless Tool (ie squeegee). Not as smelly as Nair products. Did a good job of removing hair. Stroking my smooth legs.
Cons: Skin numbness. May irritate skin. Got sick due to losing the insulation from hairy legs. Not as tasty as Nads.

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  1. Wow, first the habanero jerky, now women’s hair removal products. Marvo, you really make a lot of personal sacrifices to give us these funny reviews. Hope your legs don’t itch too much when the hair grows back.

  2. i never thought the day would come that i would see another male willingly shave his leg hair… *sniff sniff*

  3. wow. that picture is awesome!

    I’ve actually been wondering for a few days if I should go buy that… perhaps I will after seeing what it can conquer. 😉

  4. What dedication! And now I know why girls are more sensitive to the cold than guys. They’ve shaved off their insulation!

  5. Well, now you’re going to have to show off those stems. Do I see a L’Eggs product test post in the near future? (This could be shooting you into a weird new direction.)

  6. neat. but i think you should have left your legs like the picture, with one leg hairy and the other not…

  7. I’m glad you weren’t testing it out on your bikini area!

    Though now I am wondering how you will look in short, shorts!

  8. So has your lap time improved? When you go out with friends do you go to the restroom in groups? If you see someone with the same outfit as you do you have the urge to snatch their eyes out? Has your viewing of WE or lifetime increased?
    actually great review good to see a variety of products being tested.

  9. That was so funny. I have a question about the product though. Do you have to let the hair grow to a certain length before you can use it, or can you use it on a day to day basis? Thanks for your help. Funny stuff.

  10. the stuff you do for your adoring public.

    the pic was very convincing…who knew you had such hairy knees!

    excellent review!

  11. Ayesha97 – If you think my legs are sexy, you should see my ears.

    Damon – Come on, you’ve been reading The Impulsive Buy for a while now. Don’t you know I’m willing to try anything, except tampons and anything I have to stick up my butt.

    clearlynuts – My legs maybe beautiful, but the rest of me isn’t. Oh, except for my ears.

    Chuck – To be honest, I don’t know if I want them to grow back. Although I noticed my legs are pretty pale. If you look at the picture of my legs, my hairy leg looks much darker than my hairless less. Must go outside.

    Mr Jon teh Redth of Canadia – But the freedom. Oh, the freedom.

    Bottom Feeder – We all make sacrifices. You’ve got your canned lychee, I’ve got my Veet Rasera.

  12. I’m impressed! Not only for your determination to please your loyal readers, but at those impossibly sexy gams! Now you know what the Veet feels like, you should try waxing your legs too, you know, to be able to compare.

  13. Lorien – Your legs are as hairy as mine? 😉

    Izzy – No, taking the extra mile would’ve been covering my body in Veet and removing ALL of my body hair.

    ladygoat – Actually, I think SOME girls are more sensitive to cold than guys because they wear less clothes than Britney Spears does in her music videos.

    Archebaldo – Thanks. Now I have to figure out what product will allow me to outdo this.

    shannon – You may hate the smell of Veet, but I think it surely beats the smell of stinky feet.

    CT – I’m sorry, my cross dressing days are over.

    Chris – Did Robin Williams call too?

  14. Bryan – Oh, maybe I should’ve, because I could’ve pretended the hairless leg was a woman’s leg and the hairy leg was my leg. Then I could rub them together and pretend…Oh wait. This is too much information.

    Heathen – Don’t dare me, because I will.

    Kent Tell – Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Although, I’m now curious to know if my legs would look good in heels.

    Becky – The instructions say that you should always wait 48 hours between product applications.

    maiji – If you think my knees are hairy, you should see the top of my head. 😉

    Kaya – Someday, I’ll try waxing, just to please the masochistic side of me.

  15. All that junk food you devour; yet, such shapely legs. Thanks for showing them to us. And yes, delipitories only last a day or three, while waxing can last 6-8 weeks — hence waxing is my preferred method. Because I’m lazy.

  16. Marvo, I just have to say that this site is absoulutely amazing. I visit daily and love to laugh over your reviews. THIS IS THE BEST SITE EVER! Also, you’ve done a great job keeping it together and updating almost daily.

  17. kt – If you think my legs are hairy, wait until you see my palms. 😉

    Mellie Helen – You’re lazy…and you really like pain. You closet masochist. 🙂

    Lucy – So where do I send you the money for saying all of that? 😉

  18. Yes!! I’m really glad you reviewed this since I just bought it yesterday…you paid about $3 more than I did, though;>

    I think I will probably return it, though…one day of hairlessness? I get that shaving and don’t have to use stinky products or wait three minutes to start. Thanks;>

    I’m really, really looking forward to the waxing review now;>

  19. It’s good to know one of my favorite product reveiw blog writers is secure in his masculinity. At least thats what I’m telling myself.

  20. Now, you should try one of those shave-minimizing lotions and see if your hair grows back less. They claim you will shave half as often. By the way, you have gorgous legs!!!

  21. Wow Marvo! What dedication. Now I’d like to hear how it works when you use it 48 hours later. Does it remove the hair as well?

  22. taikoG – Like, yeah!

    celebrate woo-woo – Well, like I said in the review, my hair grows back pretty quickly, so your results may vary. Also, three dollars cheaper!?!

    Aaron – Wait until you find out how I reviewed a condom without a girlfriend.

    nat – YES, I DID!!!

    BooBoo – My calves are all right, but there was a reason why I didn’t show my thighs.

    Tina – Actually, I used it 72 hours later and it did a decent job, but not as well as when I originally did it. I think having long leg hair made it easier to take off.

  23. You do have a point there Marvo, I bet you’re going to be wearing pants for the foreseeable future.

    I’m just hoping that your reviews don’t extend to other “feminine products.” If I see the word Tampax in your RSS feed I’m not gonna click on the link.

  24. i still think you should do the birth control patch. i’ve got this feeling like it’ll work very well for you…

  25. Izzy – Well it’s summer time, so I might as well show my legs off and give them some color. Chicks dig scars!

    averil – Oh, but what a review it would be if it didn’t work for me.

  26. > but i think you should have left your legs like the picture,
    > with one leg hairy and the other not…

    You should see his ass.

    Not that I’ve ever seen…. umm, can’t say I’ve….

    Hey! POOP WATER!

  27. I love this site. You are just too silly funny. Oh and you have some really nice legs too. They should hire you as a spokesmodel.

  28. gko – Are you my stalker?

    Shellubra – Unfortunately, I don’t have nice feet and thighs, so if I’m hired to be a spokesmodel, the would only be able to show my calves.

    Lord Jezo – I’m sure there will be a future review that will make you forget about this one.

  29. I think you should have left one hairy and one not hairy, just for the cool effect.

    nice gams, by the by. I think I’m jealous.


  30. akiko – Oh, if only I had the personality to match them.

    birdwoman – If you start your own quasi-product review blog, I guarantee your legs will look like mine. 😉

  31. THANK YOU!!!! Now I am certain that I want to try it. I just tried the new and improved nair, no chemical smell, but I managed to fry my skin using it 48hrs after the first time in sensitive areas. It burned, I cried… It’s really a touching story. Thank you for reviewing, and sorry it took me so long to read up on it, I had fam in town.

  32. FoFuSa – If you’re talking about legs of lamb, that means you’re hungry. If you’re talking about my legs, that means you’re bisexual. 😉

    Amy in GA – Oh the things we women must do to be beautiful. Oh wait, I’m not a woman. I forgot. 🙂

  33. cindy – My place is full of empty bottles and boxes, so your place.

    miss marisol – Wow, my legs are internet famous!

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