November Prize Drawing!!!

It’s November, so you know what that means…Thanksgiving.

A time when we stuff our faces with turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Unless you’re vegetarian, then you might stuff your face with Tofurkey, a faux turkey made out of tofu. No matter how you stuff your face this Thanksgiving, one thing is for certain…leftovers.

Well two lucky Impulsive Buy readers will be storing and transporting their Thanksgiving leftovers in style because the Impulsive Buy is giving away two sets of the Hefty Serve ‘n Store plates and bowls.

Just remember to not microwave them.

November also means that Christmas is coming up. Is your office having a Secret Santa again this year and you want to give something better than the used Hillary Duff CD you gave away last year? The Impulsive Buy has got your back.

Another lucky Impulsive Buy reader will receive a copy of the book Stooples: Office Tools for Hopeless Fools. Of course, if you win it, make sure you read it before you re-gift it.

To enter this month’s prize drawing, just leave a comment for THIS post with the words “TPS reports” in it and whatever else you would like to say.

Please fill out the email field, because I’ll be emailing the winners for their mailing addresses. Don’t worry about the shipping, I’ll take care of it.

The Impulsive Buy will start accepting entries for the drawing on Tuesday, November 8, 2005 and stop accepting entries on Sunday, November 13, 2005. Only one entry allowed per person. The drawing is ONLY open to those in the United States, US Military APOs, and Canada. (To the rest of the planet, I’m sorry.)

Good luck!

Fine Print: The Impulsive Buy promises your email address will not be used to send you spam about prescription drugs from Canada. The Impulsive Buy also promises your mailing address will not be used to send you information about seminars that will help turn you into a millionaire overnight. Bribes will not be accepted. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for lost mail, premature balding, or you not being able to find parking at the mall during Black Friday.

(Editor’s Note: Thanks to Charlie Kondek from Hass MS&L for sending me the Hefty Serve ‘n Store sets to give away and thanks to Adam Najberg, co-author of Stooples, for sending me a copy of his book to give away.)

119 thoughts to “November Prize Drawing!!!”

  1. Oh! Oh! I want Stooples! Because–even though the world of TPS Reports is behind me now–you can never have too many chuckles about office supplies.

  2. Um, yeah…I need to talk to you about your TPS Reports…yeah…they don’t have a cover sheet…

  3. I had a nightmare about TPS reports last night.

    But…but…but HOW will you choose the winning names? That’s always my favorite part of these prize drawing descriptions.

  4. The newest innovations are available to you now – TPS reports are for sale for the low, low price of just $19.95.

    But wait! Call now and you’ll get another set of TPS reports for free!

  5. Yeah, see we’re putting the new cover letters on all our TPS reports now, so if you could go ahead and do that, that’d be great. Yeah.

  6. Well, OK, I’ll give you your TPS reports, but if you move my desk one more time, then then then I’m going to quit, yeah I’ll quit. And then I’ll set the building on fire.

  7. TPS reports?!? I’m still looking for my Swingline Stapler. Have you seen my stapler? It’s red. It’s mine, I brought it from home…

  8. I was told I could listen to my radio at a reasonable volume, and now you’re saying that I can’t listen to my radio, and they moved my desk, and…


  9. Marvo…

    I’m going to need you to go ahead and come in on Saturday. Mmmm Kay?

    Oh, and Sunday if you could have a review for us, that would be great.


  10. Memo to Impulsive Buy:

    I have yet to receive your TPS Report. As it was due last week, with standard cover sheet, please forward it to me posthaste, as I need it for the upcoming Cost Management Survey. Any further delay may result in a negative review by the review board.

    Thank you and have a very nice day!!

  11. TPS reports are kindof like an off-brand box of chocolate. You never know if it’s going to be bullshit flavor or not.

  12. You know Peter, you’ve been missing a lot of your TPS reports…

    I wouldn’t say I’ve been MISSING them, Bob.

  13. Hello, Peter. What’s happening? We need to talk about your TPS reports.

    Yeah. Uh, did you get that memo?

    Yeah. I got the memo. And I understand the policy. The problem is, I just forgot this one time. And I’ve already taken care of it so it’s not even a problem anymore.

    Yeah. It’s just that we’re putting new coversheets on all the TPS reports *before* they go out now. So if you could just remember to do that from now on, that’d be great. All right

  14. Damn TPS reports. *waves fist in air like grandpa Simpson*

    Stooples book. *Ex-ce-l-l-ent (like Mr. Burns)*

  15. Adding to my previous comment to say that when I worked in tech support, the building looked just like the Initech building. I hated my bosses –they moved my desk too many times. At first it was over near the window. And I could see the squirrels and they were merry.

    I did not staple my TPS reports with a red swingline.

  16. I think that I should win because it is my birthday this month and I have a million TPS reports that are due.

  17. “TPS reports, PBS cohorts — I ain’t touchin’ that shEEt.”

    –quoteth I my quasi-evil less-than-conjoined twin.

    that is all.

  18. I know, I know…I forgot the cover letter for the TPS reports. It’ll never happen again, and if you tell me about it one more time, then I burn the place down and demolish the always-broken fax machine.

  19. i do not want to enter the drawing, but i really want to say thanks. thank you for that picture that nearly made me laugh out loud as i sit at my desk and look busy. every time i try to fax anything, i want to have an office space moment with my fax machine. doesnt help when you have to deal with military vs. civilian numbers, as well as many many international faxes.

    so, thank you during this time of thanksgiving!

  20. “TPS Reports”

    good, now that THAT’s out of the way. Marvo, i think that I should FINALLY win the monthly prize drawing. I’m canadian and we don’t even have thanksgiving in november, so i’m automatically more needy of the prize than all american contestants.


  21. TPS Reports.

    Extra info: I so wanted to jump in to the tv and help beat down the fax machine!

  22. Back in college TPS Reports was code for cocaine… not that i did any TPS Reports or anything…

  23. Yeah. It’s just that we’re putting new coversheets on all the TPS reports *before* they go out now. So if you could just remember to do that from now on, that’d be great.

    Oh, and next Friday… is Hawaiian shirt day… so, you know, if you want to you can go ahead and wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans.

  24. It’s just that we’re putting a coverletter on all our TPS reports now, didn’t you get the memo? Yeah, I’ll just make sure you get another copy of that.


    Anyway… Marvo, you know you’re blocked by the school web filtering program, Websense? Yeah, you’re blocked under the category “Supplements and Unregulated Drugs” or something like that. I know it’s “Supplements and Unregulated” something, meaning they think you advertise herbal cures and steroids.

    Tried getting on your site at school today, that’s what I got.

    TPS is Australia’s leading manufacturer of instrumentation for pH, Redox, Specific Ions, Conductivity, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity and Temperature for Research and Industry. … and TPS delivers.

    Hope you are well!!!

    Smiles from the Mainland…

  27. You know what I think I’ll probably get from my Secret Santa? A TPS report and some Skittles. Like, not even a whole bag. Half a bag, at most.

  28. After everyone left the office last night I took all the TPS Reports and covered my naked body with them–and no one will ever know.

  29. um…. yeeeeaaaaahhhh, I don’t know if you got the memo, but we’re putting the new coversheets on the TPS reports…

  30. i used to always eat off of paper/plastic plates until i realized that it’s more economical to just wash a regular plate. i also realized that i’m a cheap bastard. regardless, i’m paying my respects to veterans everywhere by not doing any tps reports tomorrow.

  31. If you could please send me the most recent TPS report, I’d be more than glad to show you my “O” face.

  32. Umm… Ok, Yeahhh… Did you get the memo? We’re putting covers on all our TPS Reports now… We’ll just have to get you that memo then…

  33. hi marvin. i’m not entering this prize drawing because i don’t really care to get hefty store bowls or whatever they’re called so i’m trying hard not to say tps – oops, nearly said it!
    i learned the context of the picture you posted – probably the last of your readers to do so – as i just saw the movie last night. it’s awesome and funny! loved it!

  34. Sorry, entries will no longer be accepted.

    Thank you to all of those who entered this month’s prize drawing!

    Winners will be announced later this week.

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