Happy Presidents’ Day!!!

Thank you George Washington and Abraham Lincoln for having your birthdays in the same month. If you didn’t, some of us might not have every third Monday of February off.

I’m sure there are people all over the United States, who at this moment, are celebrating all of your great achievements by going to the mall and participating in the various Presidents’ Day sales going on.

I might celebrate Presidents’ Day by going to CompUSA and purchasing a Seagate 200GB hard drive for $29.99 after rebates.

Anyway, I’d not only like to wish everyone a Happy Presidents’ Day, but I’d also like to announce the winners for this month’s prize drawing for the Method Olive Leaf Body Wash and the Gillette Fusion Power razor.

The winner of the Method Olive Leaf Body Wash is Eryn, who will be smelling like pepper over the next few weeks.

The winner of the Gillette Fusion Power razor is Tiff, who will either shave her legs with it or maybe have the opportunity to shave a yak. (Guess the cartoon reference that’s from and you’ll win nothing.)

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Happy Presidents’ Day!

22 thoughts to “Happy Presidents’ Day!!!”

  1. Happy President’s Day to you! I plan on celebrating Washington and Lincoln’s birthday by taking a trip to Kohl’s! Do you have a Kohl’s on the Rock?

  2. Shave the yak.

    An educated guess would be Reginald & Stimpson, better known as, Ren & Stimpy.

  3. Woo, indeed. Happy President’s Day!

    And.. really, how can you NOT shave the yak? Tee-hee, it just sounds like fun!

  4. REN AND STIMPY!!…ahh man…good times watching them shave yaks….dress up logs…listen to the man whose sausage nose kept falling off and sliding down his face while he told stories to them around the campfire…golden childhood memories right there

  5. I definitely didn’t have off today…like i said aparently military aircraft still need a weather forecast even if everyone has off that day! I even worked on veterans day…and I am a veteran. I love this place.

  6. Happy Presidents’ Day to you too Marvo.

    BTW, for all you Ren and Stimpy fans…did you know that John Kricfalusi has his own blog? He’s posted tons of his amazing artwork there. Check it out at All Kinds of Stuff. His caricatures of celebrities are especially cool, and John himself often responds to comments. I wonder if he’ll continue doing so once he starts getting 200 comments a day like Wil Wheaton.

  7. Tiff – Congrats. Hope you enjoy it!

    Sasha_Kitty – No Kohl’s, but we do have Macy’s. Oh, in about a year or so, we’ll have a Nordstrom.

    Anthony K – Oh, wonderful high school memories of Ren & Stimpy. I remember when I used to make mixed tapes, between every song I would insert a line from Ren & Stimpy.

    Andy – I think it would be more fun if the yak wasn’t willing. Yak wrestling!

    Jenny – Don’t forget…Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

    kj4ever – I might be wrong about this, but I think Presidents’ Day is the 12th biggest shopping day of the year.

    Anonymous – Hmm…How shall I respond to your accusations of favoritism towards women? First off, there have been many male prize drawing winners. Although, off the top of my head, I will say that probably a majority of the winners of the prize drawings are women. But it’s a random drawing. I print everyones’ emails out on a sheet of paper, cut the paper up, stick it in a bottle, bowl, bong, or whatever container I feel like, and then I RANDOMLY pull out the winners.

    Karen – I mostly slept on my day off, started whitening my teeth with Crest Whitestrips, and made Jello parfaits.

    Nicki – Well, I hope you get the day off soon, although there probably won’t be any Presidents’ Day sales.

    klew – May you get at least Memorial Day off. Or maybe National Arbor Day.

    Eric – Yeah, tried to buy one, but they sold out when I got there. Eh, didn’t really need it anyway, I’ve got too many hard drives.

    Toni – I wish I had 200 comments a day, because I would love the challenge of replying to EVERY SINGLE ONE.

  8. Marvo, Kohls is *waaaaay* better than Macy’s or Nordstom solely because Kohls sales are the best. Even sweeter than (the usual) Target clearance. I actually drive 3 hours away to the nearest Kohls a couple of times a year, clutching my additional 15/20/20% coupons in hand, for just the right clearances sale. However, only clearance sales will do, and only with the addition %-off coupon.

    My kids did not have the day off from school. So I went into work anyway. Nice and quiet. Got lots done.

  9. They built a Kohl’s right down the street from me last year, but I’ve never been inside. What do they sell there, is it mostly clothes or do they have other things like Target?

    Man, that is a pretty good deal on the Seagate… HDs just get cheaper and cheaper.

  10. Bryan, to answer your question- Kohl’s is more like a JC Penny or Sears than a Target. Kohl’s sells non-clothing items like picture frames and other decorative items for the home, but they don’t sell food.

  11. AmberLB – I think I’d prefer a Target over a Kohl’s, because Kohl’s has a funny name.

    Bryan – But you have to wait forever for those damn rebate checks.

  12. I bought the 200gig HD when it was $29.99 (after rebates) the day after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately I failed to notice one of the rebates had an earlier deadline than the other two so it’s now $49.99 (after rebates.)
    And I still haven’t installed the damn thing yet.

  13. Yak wrestling. Oh my.. Can you say Pay-Per-View Event Of The Season!

    Now.. just need to find a yak…

  14. gko – If CompUSA wasn’t out of stock of it, I would’ve filled it up with 175GB of porn by now.

    Andy – I think yak wrestling would make hundreds of dollars. You’d be semi-rich, until PETA steps in. Or the FBI. Or angry yaks.

    Eryn – Perfect!

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