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I’ve been thinking about changing the Impulsive Buy a little bit.

For years, I’ve been doing a long format review, which was great when I was unemployed, had no girlfriend, and had no life, because I could post three or four reviews a week. But now that I’m employed, still have no girlfriend, and still have no life, it’s been hard to post more than two reviews a week.

I try so many products every month and get many requests to review a number of products, but at a rate of two reviews per week, it’s impossible to review everything I buy. In order to change this, I’ve been thinking about doing much shorter reviews, perhaps less than half as long as they are now.

But I’d like to know what you folks think. Should I stick to the long format and continue to have two reviews a week or should I try doing significantly shorter reviews and possibly have 3-5 reviews per week.

Please let me know in the comments.

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!

79 thoughts to “Quick Survey”

  1. If you can manage to pull off MORE impulsive buys, I’m down for the quick and dirty. The problem is, it’s STILL gonna take time to buy that one, new, weird product.

    Hey! BTW… Have you tried the Wassabi Funyons? Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll send you a bag.

  2. I say quality over quantity… would much rather have the long reviews that are actually worth reading, even if it means waiting longer between reviews. That’s what sets this site apart from others.

    Keem ’em long, please.

  3. I love the longer reviews, I really do! Your writing keeps me laughing and entertained… but I’m going to have to put my vote for shorter reviews so I can get my Marvo fix more frequently! Sometimes the long reviews are too long… I love the shorter & more frequent… oooh sounds sexy! 🙂

  4. Quality over quantity.

    How about what some game mags do, like EGM.. have a couple of longer reviews but then a “Stuff we couldn’t get to” wrap up section between them that goes over the things you bought to review but never had the time to get to. That way we’ll have the best of both worlds.

  5. I agree with reluctant housewife; write ’em however you like on any given day. It’s your blog; and it’s all good.

  6. Quickie’s are also welcome, as long as you throw in a few long, slow sessions to satisfy us.

  7. You my friend are Marvolicious. So whatever you decide- quickie or not, I’ll show up with bells on.

    However….I am a fan of the long review because you are so hilarious!

  8. I’m going to put in a vote for “longer and less frequent”. I’m not so sure it’s a “quality over quantity” thing, as I’m sure the quality would be good regardless, but the length of the reviews as they are right now seems just about perfect. Of course, if every now and then you mixed it up a bit and did a few short ones instead, that would be cool too.

  9. I say write how you wish. If you want to review more products weekly, go for shorter. If you enjoy writing the longer reviews, go for it. I know that I’d enjoy seeing your posts more often, so if I had to choose, I’d say more shorter reviews 🙂

  10. Well, considering that only have a job, but no girlfriend or life, you should still have enough time to keep up with the lengthy reviews. What do you think we pay you for? Oh, whats that, you still haven’t received the check in the mail?? Hmmm, it should be there any day now! 😉

  11. Shorter, more frequent reviews will lead to more frequent longer reviews. The more you write on varied topics, the easier it is to write long on varied topics in less time.

  12. A girlfriend could definitely help in trying and reviewing products. I’m sure there are many out there available for hire.

  13. i read for the writing and not the actual review, since you eat like a sugar and caffeine crazed frat boy…

  14. U R a goud riter so whatevr format you choose will be fun to read.

    that said, i gravitate slightly towards “longer”, only becuz you have a unique skill in your ability to keep it up on a longer review – which is something that not-everyone-else can do

  15. I would love it if you would write shorter reviews. I really enjoy your writing but I am rarely on the computer long enough to read a whole one. I too don’t have a life but I do have a job. Even though it seems like a lot of people are attached to the longer reviews, my vote is for shorter, more frequent, but equally enjoyable reviews of an assortment of different products. I seem to enjoy the food ones the best. So for what it’s worth, SHORT!

  16. Marvo, your long reviews are what brought us here. It’s why you’ve become so popular. Writing condensed versions just doesn’t seem like they would be as good since it would be tough to squeeze in the actual pros and cons of the item along with your humorous take on it.

    I know most people want to see you update more often, but I think that in the long run they would feel shortchanged. Like one of the posters said- quality over quantity. Sure, I can go to Jack in the Box and get a crappy “sirloin” burger in 3 minutes, but I would prefer to go to a real steakhouse and wait 15 minutes to receive perfection.

  17. I’d bet you could go somewhat shorter without losing your unique style. What I’d ask is this: Is the difficulty with posting daily in (a) finding the time to write at length or (b) finding the energy to think of your hooks and clever bits?

    If it’s (b), it doesn’t really matter what length you write — when you’re tired, you won’t be up for it, and when you’re not tired, you will. (Words to live by in so many contexts.)

    If it’s (a), you’re probably busting out with ideas and would do your readers a favor in getting them expressed, whatever length they come out at.

  18. Even though you can’t post as often I really love the long reviews. The things like the shopping cart just don’t have the heart of the long review. It’s not about what you review or how often, it’s how you do it that counts! (END PEP TALK)

  19. You could alternate….one week have the longer reviews and then the next week have the shorter reviews. 🙂

  20. I don’t read you because you’re consumer reports…I read you because you’re hilarious. So, short, long, whatever, as long as you keep your humor =)

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