Putting the “ew” in product reviews AND news

Today, The Impulsive Buy is going through a little change. Don’t worry, TIB is keeping its balls.

All of you come here to read product reviews and to occasionally find out if I’ve gotten laid, which by the way, I’m still working on.

Every month, I try a variety of products, but not all of them get reviewed. I also see a lot of new products on the shelves that I’d like to pick up, but never end up buying due to lack of money or because it would seem weird to buy the new Playtex Sport Tampon when I personally can’t do a thorough review of it due to being short one orifice.

So I’ve decided to not only do product reviews, but to also branch out into product news, letting you readers know about the latest products out there in the typical TIB style. The posts won’t be very long, but hopefully there will be several posts every week, because there is a shitload of products out there that you may or may not know about, like the new Playtex Sport Tampon.

The products in these news posts may or may not be reviewed later on, but the whole point of the post is to let you know about it, because some of you out there might be looking for a sport tampon with 360 degrees of coverage, which is perfect for game time or any time.

Many of you contribute to TIB in a variety of ways, like leaving a comment, participating in prize drawings, suggesting products to review, and asking me if I can help with your school project, which allows me to relive my college years vicariously through you. Now that TIB is moving into the news territory, all of you can help TIB and your fellow readers by letting me know about the new products you see out in stores.

So look for these new news posts starting this week and remember, there’s a new Playtex Sport Tampon.

13 thoughts to “Putting the “ew” in product reviews AND news”

  1. “sport” tampon….good god, what will they think of next? regular tampons work just fine regardless of what you’re doing — you don’t need a special tampon for when you play sports! that’s like saying a girl need to wear a special type of lip gloss when she’s playing sports. it just doesn’t make any sense!

  2. I fear change.

    And after what I have been going with my bowels this morning due to some bad food yesterday I might need that tampon. Or at least a really thick maxi pad.

  3. So, will they also be coming out with a ‘couch potato’ tampon, for those who aren’t into sports? Or a ‘computer users tampon’?

  4. Hey Marvo, was it you that told us all about fizzy fruit? If not, then I think it’s definitely something you should know about! Because which one of us has not once thought while eating an apple, “Daaamn, this would taste so much better if it made bubbles on my tongue”?

  5. You could always do a “what the product could have been” review for those products that are sadly lacking, or what they simply should have come out with instead.

  6. webmiztris – If I had a vagina, I could possibly understand.

    Chuck – Dude, I would make female intern review guys stuff, like Axe shower gel and nose hair trimmers.

    Lord Jezo – Butt plug?

    Cat – I’m going to guess that if there’s a computer users tampon you will probably be able to plug it into a USB port.

    luckinflux – Okay. Okay. You were right. Kudos to you!

    Sep – If I had a tampon stuck up inside me, I would totally still ride a bike.

    tanyetta – Super absorbency? You gals don’t pee into those things do you? Only kidding.

    Glitterati – I don’t remember saying anything about fizzy fruit and Google agrees with me. That’s definitely interesting and I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some. Are you listening Fizzy Fruit makers?

    Barb – Or I could make up products? Oooh, Chocolate Frosted Cheerios!!!

    Melanie – I guess. Maybe I’ll use one one of these days.

    Brie – Well, if you’re having your period and you need a tampon, beggars can’t be choosers.

    Terry – If Playtex did pay me to write this article, they’re not paying me enough because free does not pay the bills.

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