NEWS: Silk Soy Milk + Fiber = Crazy Nutritious

Just like beer and film noir, soy milk is an acquired taste. Those who drink it, do so for a variety of reasons. Some drink it because their lactose intolerant. Others drink it for soy’s health benefits or because they’re vegan. I drink it because a carton of it makes me look cool at the grocery store and it helps balance my vodka consumption.

Perhaps the most popular brand of soy milk is Silk. Recently I noticed that they came out with Silk Plus Fiber and Silk Plus Omega-3 DHA, each of which provides extra health benefits along with the usual benefits of eating soy products. I’ll only focus on the Silk Plus Fiber because “Silk Soy Milk + Omega-3 DHA = Crazy Nutritious” doesn’t flow very well as blog post title.

According to studies that I wasn’t asked to be a part of, most Americans only consume about half of the 25 grams of fiber per day recommended. If I was asked to participate in those studies, I would’ve easily brought the curve down, because apparently there is very little fiber in potato chips, energy drinks, and glazed donuts.

Silk Plus Fiber contains five grams of fiber per 8-ounce serving. which is five times more than regular Silk Soy Milk. Fiber in your diet is important because it helps with digestion, has been shown to lower your cholesterol, and I read somewhere on the internet that it also helps keep vampires away.

Of course, if I wanted to, I could drink an entire half-gallon carton and consume 40 grams of fiber in one sitting with a funnel and some tubing. But my prior experience of eating too many prunes in an hour has taught me that it definitely wouldn’t be a good idea. Unless I enjoy lounging in my bathroom with my pants around my ankles for an extended period of time that ends up with me forced to look at the same Crate & Barrel catalog over and over again.

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11 thoughts to “NEWS: Silk Soy Milk + Fiber = Crazy Nutritious”

  1. my ex-boyfriend drank soy milk because his body couldn’t handle real milk.

    imagine not being able to drink milk.

    what a wimp.


  2. soymilk tastes better than regular milk especially in coffee. I can drink both though

  3. I LOVE that Crate ‘n’ Barrel catalog! It’s the best! I need those Decor chairs so badly I pee a little every time I see them in the store…however with the fabric of my choosing, which, of course, is a Mitchell+Gold fabric and turns a $599 chair, $1000. Ooooh, sigh.

    How does this make me not gay?

  4. I agree with nicole that soymilk is way better in coffee, although of course that’s a matter of taste. As you’ve mentioned before, Marvo, some of us here love your vegetarian food/beverage reviews. Maybe we could sponsor you for a whole new blog: The Impulsive Vegetarian. Just kidding! 😉

  5. nicole – I prefer the Silk Very Vanilla and Silk Chocolate soy milk. When those go on sale, I buy four half-gallons.

    Domokun – I have square plates.

    Kiki – With Whole Foods coming here I might just have to start that up.

  6. Soy stuff is full of estrogens. It will make your kids gay.

    Estrogens are female hormones. If you’re a man, you’re suppressing your masculinity and stimulating your “female side,” physically and mentally.

    Just something I heard. 😉

  7. Michiel – Honestly, I find nothing wrong with getting in touch with my feminine side, because I don’t think I’ll be touching a female’s feminine side anytime soon.

  8. I’ve LOVED regular milk my entire life and always drank at least 3 glasses a day….that is, until I tried soymilk…Soymilk wasn’t really an acquired taste for me. I liked it right off the bat. I’d buy the chocolate one upon occasion but the few times it was in the house, itd be gone in 2 or 3 days. I stopped drinking it for a while and had either Nesquik or Ovaltine as my morning drink….then I started losing weight and realized Nesquik and Ovaltine had more calories than I needed…so I started buying the Vanilla soymilk and now I won’t drink regular milk unless its a dire situation. The vanilla is so perfect….slightly sweet and creamy with a mildly nutty taste….LOVE IT.

  9. I’ve loved soymilk ever since I was a kid. Of course, it’s the sweetened kind from Asian grocers… they’re much thinner than the Western soymilks, I find. Of course, I like the Western kinds too. Does that make me a soymilk slut?

    I had a soy latte once accidentally (they ran out of real milk). Silk + illy coffee = best damned latte ever.

  10. Kat19 – You must try Silk Very Vanilla! It is by far my favorite soy milk.

    Glitterati – I think you become a soy milk slut when you start bathing in it or licking it up from a bowl.

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