NEWS: Taco Bell Goes Extreme With Beef and Possibly Too Extreme With The Cheese

Unless Taco Bell comes up with a new type of meat, a new menu item name that ends with a vowel, or another adjective that isn’t “spicy,” “zesty,” or “extreme,” I think they’ll soon run out ideas for their “Limited Time Only” special menu items. I’m suggesting this because it seems like I’ve eaten the new Taco Bell Extreme Beef and Cheese Quesadilla before or something like it. Probably something less extreme or maybe something spicy or zesty.

If you love cheese, need calcium, or if you’re a mouse, you’ll probably like the Taco Bell Extreme Beef and Cheese Quesadilla. Along with the two tortillas and seasoned beef is a blend of three melted cheeses and the popular warm nacho cheese sauce.

With a price of $1.29, it sounds like a reasonable deal, but here on this rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean it will probably be 50 cents more, probably due to the expense of shipping gallons of nacho cheese sauce across the Pacific Ocean.

The Taco Bell Extreme Beef and Cheese Quesadilla also has an extreme amount gut gaining goodness with 520 calories, 28 grams of fat, 14 grams of saturated fat, 2 grams of trans fat, and 1,510 milligrams of sodium. At least, the extreme amount of cheese provides 50% of your daily allowance of calcium.

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21 thoughts to “NEWS: Taco Bell Goes Extreme With Beef and Possibly Too Extreme With The Cheese”

  1. I’ve had their chicken and their steak quesadilla. This one sounds even more unhealthy. Maybe they could do “Xtreme Angioplasty” ads to go along with the extra nacho cheese sauce.

  2. Chuck – Sadly, I’ve had thoughts consuming nacho cheese sauce via IV drip.

    kevin – I think almost everything from Taco Bell is gooey and messy.

  3. I’m waiting for “Nuevo! Caliente Beef and Cheese Envase!”.

    They might as well. Really. That’s what we’ve come to these days. Don’t bother with the Limited Edition. Just the picture of a big bucket of greasy, spicy beef swirled with cheese–maybe dollop some sour cream on top for an extry 50 cent. You get a spoon/spork.

    Hell, I’d buy it and eat it in the privacy of my closet. With the light off, of course.

  4. The product development and marketing people for Taco Bell are geniuses. Seriously. Anything new basically tastes the same as everything else on the menu (because they all use the same 10 ingredients), yet it always sounds so appealing. Then when you try it, you realize it tastes like the last five new things they put on their menu, but by then you’ve already given them your money. GENIUS.

  5. I agree with Carrie – genius marketing strategy. I like the chicken chalupa – I don’t even want to know how many calories are in that. And Marvo, did you realize that there’s 50% of the daily sodium allowance too and about 70% of daily saturated fat – clogged arteries and high blood pressure – but at least those bones will be strong :0)

  6. I saw the commercial and was waiting for you to comment it sounds soooooooooo incredibly DISGUSTING. the cat meat along with a hell a lot of cheese makes it sound like they should be paying us the 1.29 to eat it!

  7. Every time I want to go to Taco Bell I start thinking about that movie Idiocracy and the characters eating nacho cheese straight from the 200 oz tub. Then I just get real sad and end up not eating anything. Boo.

  8. Taco Bell is tasty and economical – where else can you get 2 days worth of fat and sodium for only $1.29? Eat that and then the next day you can save money by eating some grass or leaves from your neighbor’s yard to counteract.

    Why can’t they bring back the Santa Fe Chicken Gordita? That was at least partially healthy…it did have corn. Sure, it was swimming in sour cream and some heavenly sauce, but I choose to view the positives.

  9. Darice – I’m pretty sure they will come out with something crazier.

    nicole – I’m slightly fat, so this will probably make me fatter.

    Domokun – I’m waiting for a Mexican pizza sandwiched in between two Crunchwrap Supremes.

    webmiztris – I’m waiting for something that uses the adjective “Exxxtreme” (note the 3 X’s)

    Carrie – At least Taco Bell’s menu items aren’t expensive, and i think that’s part of the appeal of Taco Bell.

    tanya – I need that sodium and saturated fat because I want to review my experience with bypass surgery. 🙂

    megan – I would definitely eat it if they gave me 75 cents, because I need to do laundry.

    luckinflux – Mmm…Cat food.

    ultradave – When I watch the movie Idiocracy, I get really sad that it wasn’t as good as it should’ve been and end up watching Office Space to make me smile. TPS reports. Heh. 🙂

    Clevegal42 – Actually, Taco Bell has a Fresca option on their menu, which replaces any of the sauces with some kind of salsa, which is healthier.

  10. Marvo, I think you mean Fresco style…….. if they ever make some kind of sauce out of Fresca, I think the world would end.

  11. I bought and ate 10 of these in one sitting. I really like these and I am going back to get 5 more tonight for a total of 15 thats 7800 of the big Cs

  12. Zadillo – Oops. Yes, I did mean Fresco. I knew I was wrong, but was too lazy to look it up on the Taco Bell website. Thanks for correcting me.

    Tamara – Burnt tongue…No. No. No.

    Nelson – If you’re a world class triathlete, 7800 is about right.

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