NEWS: Water The Way Nature Intended It, If Nature Was A Multi-Million Dollar Water Filtering Company

Experts recommend that we drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Of course, drinking those eight glasses can help your complexion, aid weight loss, and at times, makes you think about wearing adult diapers to reduce the number of times you have to walk to the restroom each day.

Perhaps the hardest part about drinking eight glasses of water every day is the water itself. Water is the beverage equivalent of the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric — its content is very important, but it’s pretty boring.

Occasionally, I need to force myself to drink water, due to it being unexciting. When the situation arises, I like to think of water either as 7-Up without the carbonation and lemon-lime flavor; vodka without the fun, allergic reaction and blurted out secrets that I promised friends I would keep to myself; or tears from an angel.

I’m kind of exciting about the new PUR Flavor Options, which can possibly turn ordinary filtered tap water into something that’s the water equivalent of Canada’s Naked News — something different, refreshing and with a little bit of flavor. You can add as much or as little fruit flavor to your PUR filtered water with a push of a button.

PUR Flavor Options are available in a pitcher or faucet mount and comes in three flavors: raspberry, strawberry and peach. They contain no calories, sugars or dyes. PUR Flavor Options pitchers retail for $29.99, the faucet mounts at $49.99 and the flavor cartridges, which are sold in two-packs, retail for $9.99.

[Site:] Pur Flavor Options

10 thoughts to “NEWS: Water The Way Nature Intended It, If Nature Was A Multi-Million Dollar Water Filtering Company”

  1. Oh my god, it’s like those water fountains that spouted soda in my dreams!
    Except in your kitchen sink with zero calories, sugars, or dyes.

  2. Hmmmm, I do use a Pur filter on my faucet….not sure I’d invest the extra $$ to make the water have flavor or not. Interesting idea, though.

  3. Water…hmmm…I don’t even need flavor although I do like ClearFruit’s flavored water.
    Soda? What’s that?

  4. Water definitely needs to be filtered, but it kind of grosses be out that the water is filtered and flavor is added at the same time – then wouldn’t all the impurities get mixed into the flavor and you’d get lots of peach flavored lead?

  5. Props to PUR for coming up with this. Aquafina (sp??) has a vitamin water option in raspberry or mango, it’s pretty tasty and refreshing. Anyone actually try this PUR thing yet?

  6. I think it’s a neat idea. And BTW.. from what I understand, the flavor is added to the filtered water after it passes through the filter. So it’s not getting mixed in with the yucky stuff.

    I had a PUR filter on my faucet for 2 years and LOVED it… till it broke! It was a white plastic one and the plastic cracked, the bypass valve came out, and water started shooting out the side instead of flowing nicely DOWN like it’s supposed to. So had to write to P&G and complain, and then take the durned thing off. Been unhappy with the taste of that regular tap water while waiting for P&G’s response (hoping there’s a warranty or something…)

    I may just go out and get a new one. Preferrably NOT plastic. If I get the one with the flavor option (probably will) I’ll let ya’ll know.

  7. OOOOOOOOH………….FLAVORS! This’ll definitely step-up my water consumption, which is already a little over a gallon a day on average……………

  8. Zemuu – I believe the Willy Wonka factory has bidets that dispense soda water.

    Chuck – When you get sick of plain old water this maybe an option, or just go to the store and buy a soda.

    Natalie – Soda is this beverage that’s making the United States fat.

    Clevegal42 – No, I think the water is filtered first and then the flavor is added.

    Buffy – I’d probably review the Aquafina water if I could find it and if I can get over my fear of Aquafina products.

    Allison – I prefer the filtered pitchers because lifting a full one helps tone my arms.

    edman0037 – You drink a gallon a day? You must piss a gallon too. Also, I can read your gravatar. I can only read the word “Drugs,” which is probably the best part of it.

    Brie – I’m possibly too cheap to buy it too, but would accept a free one from PUR. Are you listening, PUR? 🙂

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