Sorry for the lack of reviews this week. I was chillin’ in downtown San Diego in the Gaslamp Quarter. Went to the San Diego Zoo and saw many animals…most of them were sleeping. Got sunburnt. Had Bacon Waffles, which were waffles that were made with bits of actual bacon in the batter. Went to Legoland and saw many Lego structures…that I wanted to steal pieces from, but unfortunately, they glue the pieces together. Got sunburnt again. Didn’t have internet access for several days. Had internet withdrawals. Thought about going to a Starbucks and asking someone if I could borrow their laptop to look at porn.

Reviews and news will return next week!

11 thoughts to “VACATION!!!”

  1. Internet withdrawal is so terrible. Must obsessively check every website every hour of every day or will explode!

    Oh wow, bacon waffles. o.o

  2. Wait. You got sunburnt at San Diego, when you live on a rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? That rock probably gets MORE sun! You crazy, man, you crazy.

  3. Bacon is one of mans greatest discoveries, like fire or fake boobs. Next time try putting chili onto of the waffles. Yummy!

  4. What’s with the California Love? Why not Midwest Love? Milwaukee had Summerfest all this week.

  5. I have a guest season pass to legoland courtesy of my friend’s girlfriend. You should have told me, too!

  6. It’s like waiting for the grand reopening of your favorite titty bar that you used to frequent until you accidentally burned it down while putting out cigarettes on the strippers’ asses. Or something like that. Either way, it’s very exciting.

  7. You better not be Sh***ing me. Bacon waffles?!?!?! Good lord man! oh and that other stuff. that was interesting too.

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