REVIEW: Bath & Body Works Temptations Iced Tea Twist

Bath & Body Works Temptations Iced Tea Twist

Right now, I want you to close your eyes and imagine me washing my body with the Bath & Body Works Temptations Iced Tea Twist. Do you like what you’re picturing in your mind?

If you’re having a hard time thinking of what my lathered up bod looks like, let me help you out.

My chest is like Kate Moss’, except I have slightly bigger boobs than she does and a lot more hair. Growl! Like wooden chopsticks at a sushi bar, my arms are skinny, pale, and can only lift things by using both of them at the same time, unless I stab stuff with one arm. My gut could be a six-pack if I sucked it in hard enough, but I don’t, so instead it looks like a mini-keg. If you’ve seen rap video hoochies, you know what my booty looks like, except extremely pale. My legs are like a fine thoroughbred racing horse’s, only in furriness, not in shape or muscle definition. Finally, at certain angles my head kind of looks like John Cho’s from Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle.

Now wrap all of that together, and put some soap suds over it, and you can imagine me cleaning my wet naked body with the Bath & Body Works Temptations Iced Tea Twist. Can you visualize it? Can you see my glistening physique? Oooh, do you like what you see? Do you like what you smell?

Well I don’t like what I smell, because the Bath & Body Works Temptations Iced Tea Twist makes me smell like lemon Pledge wood spray.

The only times I should smell like lemon Pledge is if I’m getting it on with a hot cleaning maid who speaks very little English on a freshly-cleaned dining table or being sprayed in the face with lemon Pledge by a hot cleaning maid after using the pick up line, “I’ve got something else that’s hard and wooden that needs some cleaning…and lovin’.”

Bath & Body Works Temptations Iced Tea Twist Label

I don’t know if the Iced Tea Twist combined with my au naturel body odor causes some kind of chemical reaction to make it smell like lemon Pledge, but it disappoints me because in the bottle the Iced Tea Twist actually smells like the iced tea I make with the sweetened Nestea iced tea powder mix. It smells good enough that if I wanted to put a Jackass-type of video up on YouTube and the bottle didn’t specifically say, “CAUTION: FOR ADULT EXTERNAL USE ONLY,” I would totally mix it with some chilled filtered water, drink it, then call the National Capital Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222 and hope I don’t die.

The lemon Pledge smell is definitely a turn off, but the metallic brown color of the Bath & Body Works Temptations Iced Tea Twist is pretty and I would probably use it if I decide to pimp my 2003 Toyota Corolla and turn it into a rice racer. Finally, Iced Tea Twist is like RuPaul, because they are both 3-in-1. While the Iced Tea Twist is a body wash, bubble bath and shampoo, RuPaul is a woman, a man and FABULOUS.

So if you enjoy smelling like lemon Pledge, and I’m pretty sure one percent of you do, the Bath & Body Works Temptations Iced Tea Twist is the next best thing behind using lemon Pledge as an eau de toilette. For the other 99 percent of you, I would recommend avoiding it, because it’s not appealing at all, just like imagining me lathering up my naked body.

Item: Bath & Body Works Temptations Iced Tea Twist
Price: $6.00 (on sale)
Purchased at: Bath & Body Works
Rating: 1 out of 10
Pros: Smells like sweetened Nestea iced tea in the bottle. Cool metallic brown color. Body wash, bubble bath and shampoo. Hot cleaning maids.
Cons: Smells like lemon Pledge on my body. For external use only. Visualizing me washing my naked body with the Bath & Body Works Temptations Iced Tea Twist. Having bigger boobs than Kate Moss.

39 thoughts to “REVIEW: Bath & Body Works Temptations Iced Tea Twist”

  1. I want to smell like lemon Pledge!

    That shower gel smells just like Nestea in a can. Which is great, because the last thing you want to do with canned tea is ingest it.

  2. I already smell like lemon pledge. Not because I use this Iced Tea stuff, but because I use lemon pledge. I think that it is the best way to keep my skin shiny and bright. And it helps repel the dust that other cleaners attract.

    Look at the positive Marvo – it could smell like plain old pledge – that stuff is nasty.

  3. Based on that description of you I’d “hit that” but only from the neck up, cuz that john cho ain’t too bad. hypothetically speaking ofcourse.

    I want to smell like lemon pledge

    but not really. I’m in it for free crap that I would like to try out

  4. I never thought I would say these words and if I ever run for political office, they may come back to haunt me; but here goes: I want to smell like Lemon Pledge.

  5. I usually like body washes that smell like drinks… But there are some beverages i dont think make good body wash scents. Like ice tea, beer, milk…tomato juice. theres probably more.

  6. Hah! I do NOT want to smell like Lemon Pledge, thanks. I just cruised over from Chuck’s place (Beyond The Cheddar Curtain) and I’m glad I did. Funny stuff!

  7. I wouldn’t particularly enjoy smelling of lemon pledge, but it could work out for my brother; to mask his horrid body odor of course.

  8. I want to smell like Lemon Pledge! I LOOOOOVE this stuff. It smells like yummy Lipton Sweetened tea powder to me too, only it actually still smells like that ON me. I have the lotion, and the advantage of that being brown is that it’s like an instant bronzer! Must just be you – send that stuff over here!

  9. I so want to smell like lemon pledge! So much better than the orange glo I have been using to shower with….

  10. This is kinda off topic, but if you wanna smell like Lemon Pledge, try Lemon Sugar perfume by fresh. I use it all the time, and that’s totally what I smell like. Now if I could just find my French maid outfit…

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