NEWS: You Can Now Suck On Mother’s Cans…As An Adult

When I think of Mother Nature, I imagine a little old lady walking on a grassy plain with cheerful birds, bunnies, and butterflies circling around her on a bright sunny day and with a few white lazy clouds here and there.

The setting would be much like the default wallpaper for Windows XP.

With an image like that it’s hard for me to put Mother Nature and energy drink in the same sentence, even though I just did, but believe me it was frickin’ difficult. Energy drinks are for young whippersnappers, not little old ladies who need a cane to walk and need to wear a medical alert bracelet just in case they’ve fallen and can’t get up.

But Coke has brought the two together to make an Acai berry flavored energy drink from natural sources with their new Full Throttle Mother Energy Drink, which has probably the least aggro, extreme, and intense name for an energy drink EVER.

Sure, the name is also kind of oedipus complex-ish and for something that claims to be natural, it doesn’t seem to be organic, but despite all of that, I really look forward to trying it.

[Via:] Energy Fiend

7 thoughts to “NEWS: You Can Now Suck On Mother’s Cans…As An Adult”

  1. Ok, you just won “title of the year” with that post title, Marvo. Excellent! And I haven’t even finished reading the post!

  2. Does that can say something about “one BAD MOTHER”? If I drank energy drinks I would definitely get that one because I plan to be a bad mother one day.

  3. i want some of the drugs coke executives have? my kids could think of better names. heres one, drink WOW and game all night beich

  4. nat – Sadly, the rest of the post sucks hard. 🙁

    Clevegal42 – I plan to be a bad mother too.

    Hunter – Acai is the new pomegranate. It will be sticking its ass into a lot of products.

    db cooper – Dude, don’t give them ideas!

  5. Erika – So does that make the Red Hot Chili Peppers album “Mother’s Milk” the album for all the MILFs out there.

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