Quick Question

Are any of you having trouble viewing reviews via feedreaders? My RSS feed was kind of messed up, like images not appearing, so I did some voodoo and hopefully it’s working now. If you can see this post via a feedreader, please let me know. If you’re having trouble, please click the “RSS Feed (Entries)” link under Subscriptions in the right hand column to re-subscribe to TIB’s feed.

15 thoughts to “Quick Question”

  1. I am seeing the pictures now on my RSS feed. I wasn’t before. But I usually just read everything from the main site.

  2. Yep, I use bloglines and can see this entry, although it did also show erroneously that there were 18 unread entries (presumably because you were messing with the feed so they all resent or something).

  3. I use google Reader and it was not working for me yesterday and today…. just now for the 3rd time it finally worked.

  4. I use Sage, and I haven’t had any problems at all seeing your feed AND the pictures all along!

  5. Yeah, I’m late to this cuz I ain’t getting the feeds at all anymore. Just figured you were on vacation. Just plain old Thunderbird over here.

  6. I thought that you were sick or something. I haven’t gotten anything in a while from google reader.

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