Happy Holidays from TIB!

Good News – We at The Impulsive Buy would like to wish all our readers either a Merry Christmas, belated Happy Hanukkah, or early Kwanzaa. We hope your holidays are spent with good friends, good food, and good fun.

Bad News – We at The Impulsive Buy will be taking a break until January 2nd, but when January 2nd rolls around, you will be greeted with the opportunity to vote for something that will possibly cause me great pain.

No, it does not involve me standing in a bucket water with alligator clips attached to my nipples on the front end and connected to a car battery on the other end.

But until then, enjoy your holidays and if you need a product review fix, check out the right hand column and take a look at the many other product review blogs I enjoy reading.

Happy Holidays!


21 thoughts to “Happy Holidays from TIB!”

  1. Enjoy your time off,after all of the punishment you guys put your self through, you deserve some time off!

  2. Hey Marvo and Ace! On the way home very late last night I stopped at a gas station to grab some caffeine and found Amp Overload energy drinks. The taste was great, just like Code Red Mountain Dew, but they made me fall asleep. I don’t think you’ve done a review of this particular drink, so I was curious to see what you thought of it.

    Cheers, and Happy New Year!

  3. What are we supposed to do without you? Happy Holidays Marvo and Ace, I’m looking forward to a new year of impulsivity.

  4. In 2008 I wanna see the Ace/Marvo cagematch fight — where both of you see how many awful products either can get through before someone taps out.

  5. hey marvo i hope u had a nice holiday! i finally got a gravatar so im not a silhouette anymore and i wanted to test it out. how do u like it??

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