Which Body Part Should I Get Waxed?

There are some benefits to being hairier than others.

First off, winter nights don’t seem so cold because hair is wonderful insulation and I can somewhat understand why the Olsen Twins use actual animal fur to cover their meatless, Cryptkeeper-like bodies.

Secondly, having ample hair follicles means having a large field available for harvest if there is ever a need for hair transplants. Sure, some of them might be coarse or pubic-ish, but that’s what smelly, harsh hair-straightening chemicals are for.

Thirdly, if you’re a dude, you can open a few shirt buttons and play Magnum, P.I. whenever you want, if you have access to a Ferrari 308 GTS and can get Higgins, T.C. and Rick to play with you, which shouldn’t be hard, since they’re probably not doing anything anyway.

If you’re a long time reader of The Impulsive Buy or have seen me naked, you know that I am somewhat hirsute. For you newer readers, to give you an idea of how hairy I am, here are some posts that show some evidence that I may possibly be a descendant of the Yeti in the Disneyland Matterhorn ride. In the Veet Rasera review I showed off my legs, during the the first anniversary prize drawing post I gave readers a glimpse of my arms, and in the Axe Dry Clix review I scared off TIB readers by showing them my armpit.

So with a little convincing from TIB reader Cian, I decided to review the experience of getting some of my hair ripped out of their follicles via waxing, and you will help choose which body part of mine will feel that pain. I’m going to give you five options and you can vote on which one you like best or the one that will cause me the most pain.

Here are the five body parts you can vote for:

1. Underarms
2. Arms
3. Legs
4. Chest
5. Eyebrows (just sculpting)

(Extreme Editor’s Note: Getting a Manzilian IS NOT an option.)

The body part with the most votes will be declared the winner and I will get that part of my body waxed by a trained professional and then review the experience. Yes, in the review, there will be pictures of the procedure and just like a Rambo IV preview, if there is blood, I will show it to you.

To vote, either leave a comment with this post that contains the body part you want me to get waxed or email me at theimpulsivebuy AT gmail DOT com with your choice in the subject line. Only one choice and vote per person.

I’ll be accepting votes until Friday, January 11th (11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time).

Now go vote like you’re helping to create one of the gazillion lists out there for the best and worst of 2007.

123 thoughts to “Which Body Part Should I Get Waxed?”

  1. Whoopee! I get to vote first!
    Well, many us female readers probably already know what it feels like to have hair ripped out of our armpits or legs.

    So, just because I think it would make for the most interesting pictures, and certainly great enjoyment by others who see you in your daily life, I’m going to vote for

    Yes, definitely eyebrows!!

  2. I’m voting for chest.

    By the way, for someone with such hairy arms and legs, your armpits are actually pretty tame looking.

  3. The one time I tried getting my legs waxed, I ended up having little bits of skin removed along with the waxing strips. My vote goes for legs, and hopefully your experience won’t be quite as bad as mine was.

  4. I vote for chest, that way if things go horribly awry you can cover the damage up. Ummm, not that things will go awry, I’m just sayin’.

  5. Yeah, I’m not a fan of a unibrow, but I hate men with waxed eyebrows even more.

    I’m voting for chest.

  6. I have had the fortuante opportunity… of helping my mother wax her arm hair as a teenager. The experiences has left me with an after taste of tears and dried bleach. I vote for the arms. Arms are more easily visible than the chest, legs, armpits and you would be getting off easy by the quick pain and weird looks you would receive after the eyebrow wax.

  7. Man, I’m saying don’t do it. I had part of my chest waxed as a joke. It hurt so much I almost pissed my self. But if you gotta, do your arms.

  8. I’m a new reader and I had to read a few posts to understand the situation. And I’m now ready to vote:


    I mean, even I shave… the pain is… argggg!

    Eyebrows are not a problem. At least for me 😉

  9. Although I’m also not a huge fan of overly sculpted eyebrows on men, I’m voting eyebrows. It’s the smallest area and the least likely to drive you insane while they are growing out. (A stubble covered chest is NOT hot, ditto arms.) Please make sure you go to a reputable place that will not give you helen hunt’s sperm brows of the mid 1990s.

  10. Yaaaaayyyyy I WAS RIGHT!!!

    I told you… get your “man parts” all waxed, but if you have a hairy chest then that´s the first thing to do… I mean I like my man to have no chest hair, and I guess many other women like it this way too.

    Good Luck Marvo and Happy New Year

  11. And don´t even think of doing anything to your brows, men should mess with the brows unless they´re like unibrow

  12. I’ll have to go with the brows. I think more men should do stuff with their brows. It won’t be the most painful … but it will get the idea across.

  13. i vote chest this is so funny i just waxed my hubby’s neck lastnight he decided he wanted to do that even after i told him it would hurt like hell he says he will never do it again

  14. I think that you should get your chest waxed. It seems like it will hurt a lot, but it seems like your best option.

  15. Chest! As long as you don’t do like my friend DJ did and have someone wax the male genitals on his chest, and then forget about it a week later and go to the beach.

  16. What? You’re not considering the classic “back, crack and sack”?!

    But of the available options, go for the legs – looks impressive but isn’t too painful.

  17. Underarms.
    I have some masochistic female relatives who wax EVERYTHING. They all swear that underarms is the most painful area you could wax on your body. My aunt cried like a baby and had to almost be carried out of the waxer after getting her underarms done. This is coming from a woman who get the fuzz ripped off her naughty bits on a regular basis.

  18. Chest.

    I was going to vote for the manzillian because you said you’d show pics. Is that wrong?

  19. Moobs, please. OK, OK, so you don’t have moobs but it’s a fun, descriptive word.

    No one wants to lay in a man’s chest and inhale chest hair. Chest hair in the nose= bad.

    Although armpits, oh shit. Those fucking hurt. I waxed my husband’s ass once. He said never again. Have fun with that!

  20. I just had my brows done today and the girl who does them said the chest would hurt the most. She’s never waxed a man’s armpits, because what man would do that? I like hair on a man’s chest, so I vote armpits. Spray with Axe immediately after and let the party begin!

  21. Over 50 responses and no one suggested your BACK?! Unbelievable! I think that one will make the most difference if you’re trying to attract the ladies.

    If not your back, then I vote for your eyebrows because I have your best interests in mind. It will be the least painful.

  22. “Getting a Manzilian IS NOT an option.”

    ^^there goes my vote. Back, sack & crack.

    Seriously? Don’t manscape.

  23. I don’t understand why the manzilian is off the table. The warm wax throughout the genital region is quite enjoyable; and the level of sensitivity after is GREAT! Won’t you please re-consider the manzilian? PLEASE? And by the way, I love that you are doing this…

  24. marvo your hair arms and legs are damn sexy! my first choice is a manzillan wax!!!like cian said above please reconsider. buuuuutt if i had to settle i would go with the chest.

  25. I’ll say it! I’m Brazilian, and I’m very disappointed you are not even considering shaving down there. Well, then, I vote for CHEST. It will be more painful anyway…

  26. Legs! If I can go at myself down there with an Epilady in the 80s and survive, then so can you.

    This is so going to be a Hostel 1 AND 2 experience for you. There will be blood.

  27. I’m gonna vote for arms. I can tell they’re not going to win, but I’m voting for them anyway. :-p

  28. I say chest!

    Finally, I get to vote on something! I just found this blog several weeks ago and missed out on all the other opportunities. 🙁

  29. I go for eyebrows. But you should pick out an image of manly eyebrows you like and take it to a real salon- NOT one of those places in the mall that also give you “manis and pedis.” That way you won’t run the risk of looking too wacked out. And getting your eyebrows done is quite painful.

  30. underarms for sure.
    being the internets and your usual witty commentary I go for the most painful one.
    I want to live vicariously through your pain 😉

  31. Chest! Mostly because pictures of your bloody, chapped chest will allow me to complete my mental picture of you. Watch out for the nipples…

  32. I’m picturing scenes from 40-Year Old Virgin and you MUST do the chest! I think that there should be some still pictures and maybe a video so we can hear if you scream. Yeah…I might be a little sick in the head.

  33. After careful review of the aforementioned blog posts where you daringly gave us a glimps of your arms and legs, (which are right nice I might add) I’m going to vote for the chest, in order to puzzle together the complete image of Marvo. Second choice would be eyebrows, just so you can feel a woman’s pain then be able to empathize.
    and uh…good luck with that.

  34. Marvo,

    It has been a long time since I provided a reply but I had to comment on this post. Since you won’t do the manzilian (which all women prefer than some pubes stuck in the teeth), I vote for the eyebrows. As a side note if you keep the lower regions trimmed closely, women are appreciative. Come to think of it, that goes for chest and arm pit hair.


  35. Eyebrows for sure — everybody can use a little shaping, and you won’t completely torture yourself in the process.

  36. Since I am collecting pictures of all your body parts for my stalk…. er, … I mean Fan wall, I will have to vote for the CHEST.
    I have all the previous pics laminated and put onto the chalk outline on the wall, alongside the fascinating and lovely microwave dance video that plays repeatedly in its digital frame.
    xoxoxoxo… bikerbabeee

  37. It’s not on the list but I am voting for BACK nothing is grosser then back hair….. ugh having bad ex flashbacks…

  38. I vote for number #7 – your back!! Funny it wasn’t on the list. Ofcourse, chest would be my second, and probably way more painful, pick.

  39. Underarms, because it hurts almost as bad as bikini waxing…and you SUCK for not giving us the option to vote for bikiki area…..

  40. well well, I’ve waxed my ubderarms before and it bled to no ends so I’m gonna be mercifull and vote for the Chest area

  41. armpits… that way your deodorant won’t clump up so much

    i think a marvo’s back wasn’t an option cause he already waxed
    it or Marvo has no back hair…..

  42. HM… was so grossed out by the possibility of back hair I didn’t stop to think he may not have any.

    Since Pastora gave me some food for thought I am going to say Chest- that why you can always re-enact the famous scene from “The 40 Year Old Virgin”

  43. Eyebrows! I want mine done so if you find somewhere inexpensive and good, I’ll go there too. But find out if they do female eyebrows too because I don’t want mine to come out all manly-ish.

  44. Why not your back? It’s the most common area for men to have waxed and the thicker skin on your back will make it a less traumatic experience, since it will be less painful.

    Plus, the other areas will definitely raise some questions when you encounter members of the opposite gender, whereas having a smooth back is attractive to 90% of women.

  45. Mario – Maybe next year I’ll go for the Manzilian, but for now I’ll settle for trimming. Oops…was that TMI?

    Robyn – No reason, but my back hair does provide me with cushion whenever I lay on my back.

    cian – No.

    liz – I think you put your email in the wrong box, but I fixed it.

    JoJo – Less pain means less fun.

  46. well, i was gonna say underarm, but that would hurt a lot. a whole lot if my experience is anything to go on. so i guess i vote legs.

  47. Isn’t marvo asian?? I forgot….but if he is he wouldn’t have much chest hair…?

    I vote underarms!

  48. I just got the Braun Silk Epil X’elle Epilator … yes the one that pulls out hair from the root at high speed. I used it on my arms, legs, armpits and bikini line…okay more than just the line…I carefully sculpted a landing strip…happy to say… I can still walk in a straight line.

    My vote is for sculpted brows…make sure they know you aren’t gay so they don’t go overboard.

  49. dude–you should SO totally get your chest waxed….what about your lower back though…you have to have some hair there??????? LMAO

  50. Chest Wins! Chest Wins! Chest Wins!

    Here are the final results:

    Chest: 66 votes
    Underarms: 19 votes
    Legs: 17 votes
    Eyebrows: 9 votes
    Arms: 5 votes

    Thanks to everyone who participated. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to do some push-ups and sit-ups to make my midsection somewhat presentable.

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