Prize Drawing Winners Announced!!!

On Wednesday, I finally pulled names for the Impulsive Buy’s First Anniversary Prize Drawing. Congratulations to Bryan, Karen, and Michelle! They will each receive one mystery box. What’s in the mystery box? Heck, I don’t even know what’s in the mystery box, yet.

I would like to thank everyone who entered. And now here are the pictures — with lame high school yearbook-ish captions — of me pulling out the winning entries from canned whipped cream pies, using my mouth. Enjoy.

Mmm…Three pies of canned whipped cream and email addresses printed on slips of paper. Crap, I could’ve gotten a papercut!

Canned whipped cream. Canned whipped cream. Taste so good to me.

It’s been over 24 hours since I plunged my face into these pies and I still smell like dairy products. Dang my arms are hairy!

I got a pie pan on my face. I’m “pie pan on my face” man. Now give me some candy.

When I see this picture, I think the whipped cream on my face actually made me look better. Yes, my t-shirt does say, “Please do not eat this t-shirt.”

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  1. Yikes! Maybe I *will* suggest that shaving product I was looking at the other day. Though I never heard of anyone shaving their arms. You can be the first!

  2. That could be the next fashion statement. I think I’m going to go cover my face with whip cream now! Marvo, the trendsetter.

  3. Well, we’re getting closer to seeing the elusive Marvo. The picture of you with the whipped cream all over your face is adorable – it looks like a picture a mommy would take of a one-year-old’s birthday party where the kid is covered head to toe in cake. But I must agree, a clean face pic would be nice!

  4. Dang, Marvo! I just fell a little deeper in love with you. You’re a stud. A pie pan face stud! Men with crunchy hair drive me wild. 😉

  5. That last picture kind of reminds me of Robin Williams from Mrs. Doubtfire when he lost his mask.

  6. awww, the pie-face is cute, amidst the pie. you DO have hairy arms – hairiest i’ve seen on an asian guy – bet it’s like soft carpet. =P

  7. you ARE fucking hairy
    thats crazy
    is that pie on your face or are you just happy to see me?

  8. man you have more hair on your arms than I have on my head… though I think my leg is more hairy than your arm. Just barely though.

    Where can I get one of those shirts? =)

  9. “Yes, my t-shirt does say, `Please do not eat this t-shirt.’”

    Do you often have problems with that sort of thing? Just out of curiosity… Really, you do need to post a good picture of yourself. Inquiring minds want to know!

  10. You do realize that if you post a pic sans whipped cream, and I see you at Ala Moana or something, I’m gonna ask for your autograph.

    With my luck, I’ll probably just end up accosting some poor shmuck who sorta looks like you. Oh, well. Damn all those Asians! Oh, wait. I’m one too….

  11. Jesus Marvo, your arms ARE hairy. Are you sure that you’re Asian? And Japanese? And what the hell is with the generic whipped cream?

    You’re cute though, even though you look like you got some bukkake action in the last pic.

  12. Hi Marvo !

    you ARE cute! Reading your blog for several months i tought that you were really bad looking. But, you’re not !
    I really don’t see why you are having problems finding a girl 😉

  13. Your arms are hairy, and the tops of your hands too, but there is no hair on your fingers! So strange, usually they go together.

  14. I agree with Chatelp! 😛

    That prize drawing looked delicious. I wish I could put my face into whipped cream and take pics for a review blog. 🙁

  15. That looks like fun.

    Just to be original, I urge you not to post a photo of yourself. The mystery is part of your allure.

  16. Thanks very much, Marvo! 🙂 I’m truly “whipped” into a frenzy with being a winner in your latest contest. Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. Marvo,
    You are a man marked by originality, resourcefulness, cleverness and, well…you’re a freakin’ genious Marvo!

  18. gko – No, I don’t think I’ll be shaving my arms anytime soon, unless it gets really hot.

    Lord Jezo – Don’t you mean the Wicked Witch of the West? 🙁

    Lucy – Yes, I look very cute with a pie pan on my face. The pie pan on my face is the equivalent of a brown paper bag. 🙁

    Lorien – If it does become a trend, it’s going to die a harsher death than the Macarena.

    Lucy – I would, but I really don’t want stalkers. Stalkers are a hassle. 😉

    Pel – I wonder if I was covered head to toe in cake at my first birthday party? That would suck, but it would really suck if I was covered head to toe in cake at my next birthday party.

    Mir – Yes, I agree. I look very hot with a pie pan on my face.

    Tim – Ga ga goo goo!

    Chuck – HEELLOOO!!!

    wyn – These arms do keep me warm at night.

  19. caitlin – No, that’s just pie of my face.

    Bryan – You can get them here.

    Bun-Girl – Yes, I have that problem with moths.

    wired – Just to let you know, there are apparently several other Japanese guys who look like me. Many people I meet say I look like someone else. Now that I think about it, if they look like me, they’re probably dorky, single guys. We should form a club.

    Toni – Yes, I’m sure I’m Asian. Although, if I’m not Asian, that would explain the large penis. 😉 The generic whipped cream was on sale. Buy one get one free. Also, DAMN YOU!!! You got to use the word “bukkake” before I could. I’ve been looking for a way to use “bukkake” somewhere in a review. 🙁

    chatelp – Yeah, with all the fast food I eat, I’m surprised my face doesn’t have a bunch of crater, like the moon.

    d – Oh, but you should see my palms!

    kt – Honestly, under all of the whipped cream is nothing but hair. What you see in that last picture is the way I look in the mornings, when I’m shaving my face.

    klew – It tasted like typical generic brand whipped cream. I wish I had some brownies or a hot fudge sundae.

    Genny from the Burbs – Very well. I shall not post my picture of myself to make myself mysterious. Women like mysterious, right?

  20. ~Moi~ – Just to let you know, my shirt has no nutritional value and it’s hard to chew.

    Karen – Well congratulations and I hope you enjoy whatever I send. (No, I still don’t know what’s in the mystery box.)

    missy – Hmm. Now that I think about it, I could use a stalker. I think it will make me feel special. Just don’t do the “watch me in my sleep” thing.

    Mr Jon teh Redth of Kanadia – There’s always next month’s prize drawing.

    Anonymous – Um, could you say that louder? I’d like everyone else to hear. 😉

    Amy in GA – You know, women loved Teen Wolf.

    Muneer – Impulsive Buy reader akiko did. I also did the drawing at akiko’s place because I could make a mess there and not feel bad about it. 😉

    Damon – Yes, great pictures, Impulsive Buy reader akiko.

  21. You’re not fat. I figured between all the fast food and trouble with women, you’d be huge. But you’re not. Good job on staying “in-shape”

  22. I think you should review Kashi Golean Crunch cereal. One of my friends said it was really good, and I like Wheat Chex, but with stuff in the title like Fiber Twigs (what the hell?), I decided I wasn’t gonna pay for it just to try it out.

    Plus, apparently everyone thinks you’re a fat and pimpley, so it might help you out with that. 😉

  23. Runner4069 – I’m not fat, but I am hairy.

    Caroline – I have a box of Kashi Good Friends cereal sitting in my cabinet. It’s been there for a month, because it looks too healthy for me to consume.

  24. Just plug your nose and eat it, like Mountain Dew. That way you can’t taste it. And you’ll probably tell me it’s good anyway, and then I’ll buy it and hate it and curse you forever for making me spend four dollars on icky cereal, but you won’t care because you didn’t put up a real picture, so I couldn’t stalk you and you would have artfully escaped my clutches ONCE AGAIN, BATMAN! Umm, nevermind.

    Maybe you could just eat a bowl for breakfast…

  25. Caroline – I bet it’s good, because it has the word “good” in it. But I shall soon find out. Maybe tomorrow.

    theinfamousj – I’m cute on the inside, but on the outside…Not so much. Unless I’m wearing whipped cream or a pie pan on my face. 😉

    MattIsWaldo – Have you tried eating your shirt? I haven’t, but I was wondering if you did.

  26. MattIsWaldo – You know, you don’t get anything from smoking a hemp shirt.

    Riri – Happy Blogday to you too!!!

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